Friday, August 19, 2011

Seven more wedding planning updates, because y'all seem to like these

1. The caterer is sorted out. Just need to set up some kind of reminder for myself to send her a final head count 3 weeks before.

Relatedly, we might actually be hiring a cake baker. I was figuring we'd just go to Kroger's (That's the proper Midwestern way, Kroger's. Never, ever Kroger.) and get a round cake or two and several dozen cupcakes, but Mom is not feeling enthusiastic about transporting all those baked goods around. So she talked to one of her mom friends (one of my friends from high school is getting married in October) and got the name of a lady the next village over who does cakes for only marginally more than Kroger's. She's free on my wedding day, and she is quite happy to deliver any and all baked goods straight to the reception hall. So we'll see where that goes.

2. Speaking of my friend who's getting married in October, she (or rather her mother) offered us the loan of a bunch of white tablecloths (actually made of CLOTH, not plastic) and fall-themed centerpieces. I am supposed to attend Friend's wedding and basically point to whatever I want.

I'm not sure how fall-themed centerpieces are going to go with pale blue bridesmaid dresses and whiteroseswithpinktips (my favorite flower, it's kind of a long story) bouquets, but I'm not one to turn down free stuff.

3. I'm panicking a little bit about bridesmaid dresses. I have talked styles with three of the four, and amazingly they all decided that the same dress was their favorite of the several I showed them. I have emailed the fourth bridesmaid (the 12-year-old one) a bunch of links in as unbiased a manner as possible to see if she randomly picks the same dress.

I've talked finances with all of them, or their mothers, as the case may be, so that's not the panic-inducing part. I'm more concerned because the current favorite dress apparently takes 9-10 weeks to ship (yes, I'm leaning toward buying online off the Mormons) and we currently have 14 weeks. So I reeeeeely need to get on that by the end of the month, which was my resolution back when I first got engaged. (Well, the resolution was that I wasn't going to worry about them until August, but I've decided that that implied I would have them all taken care of by the end of August.)

4. Scott and I took the FOCCUS. I think it went well. Scott convinced the lady who administered it to photocopy all the questions for us (that makes me feel very naughty, for some reason, having all those in our possession) and we had a blast discussing them. I'd say we'd discussed about 98% of what was on there, so a lot of the discussion was rehashing, but it was still fun.

We're meeting with the FOCCUS couple again in mid-September. We managed to finagle it so we're meeting the organist the same weekend.

After that, the only churchy thing we really have left is meeting with Father again. I emailed him a few days ago; he hasn't responded yet. He's not a big emailer. I plan on calling the rectory next week if I haven't heard from him. (Updated to add: Since I wrote the original draft, Father emailed me back suggesting a day. Not a time, so there will have to be a little more emailing back and forth, but at least now I know my emails aren't going to the spam filter or something.)

5. I got the block of rooms thing taken care of, and the making of my own dress was discussed with Mari. That takes care of everything I had mentioned needing to get done in my last update.

6. Oh, except for invitations. I have not done much address-collecting yet. I did decide that I was going to spare myself some suffering and just buy those printable invitations from Joann's rather than trying to make my own. I have a 50% off any one item coupon that's good for this weekend, so I figure I'll stop by the nearest Joann's on my way to crash at Scott's house tonight before we have to get up in time to make it to Pre-Cana in the Big City by 8:30 tomorrow.

7. Some things I need to do in the next two weeks: 1) Breathe. 2) Actually order bridesmaid dresses. 3) Buy and experiment with Joann's invitations. 3) Pester Father. (There were actually 2 #3's on this list. I'm leaving it that way so you can see how discombobulated I'm getting.) 4) RSVP to my friend's wedding. 5) Schedule engagement pics with my photographer. (I know, it's probably kind of late for that by the usual standards, but they're free with our package and I like the idea of pictures of us being happy together with pretty October leaves in the background.) 6) Sort out who's being an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion and who's doing a reading and who's being an altar server and whatever other roles we need for the Mass. 7) Ask a bazillion people for their addresses. 8) Breathe.

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Kathleen Basi said...

Oh, enjoy this time! As much as you can, anyway. I know it's stressful too...but good stress. "Breathe" is great self-talk. :)

Our priest took us through the FOCCUS test in meetings...we discussed all the answers with him. That brings back's been a while...coming up on 12 years here in a couple of weeks.

The Sojourner said...

Congratulations on almost 12 years. :)

Our priest is supposed to get a copy of the FOCCUS results, but whether he talks about them with us or not I don't know.

Melanie B said...

We did the printable invitations. I loved the way they came out. I'd have framed one and hung it up but that my sister-in-law painted a nice platter with the text and that's even prettier.