Friday, August 12, 2011

Seven Quick Takes because my fiance asked why I hadn't posted yet today

1. My comfy chair broke. It is this big, slightly homely brown recliner/rocking chair thing and it was the most comfortable spot in the world and it BROKE. I am tragified.

2. My new favorite thing to eat is green apples with peanut butter. I'm off peanut butter sandwiches, though. Gross.

3. Teresa got all her kindergarten shots yesterday, and she was very put out about it. Then at 2 a.m. she woke up with a fever and a stomachache and we were all very put out about it. (Well, I think Andrea slept through it all, but Mom and Dad and I all got woken up.)

4. Tammy-cat has lately decided to pretend to be an outdoor cat. At least 3 times this week she's bolted outside the minute we open the garage or the porch door. Never the front door. We don't open the front door that much, actually. Usually the garage, but once this week Andrea was trying to open the patio door but leave its screen shut so we could get some air. The screen was open and Tammy made a bid for freedom.

The third time, she got smart to our chasing-her-back-inside ways and bolted for the neighbor's bushes instead of our bushes. Sadly for her, the neighbors actually trim their bushes so it was much easier to catch her. (I'm going to get in trouble for saying that, but it's true. We let our bushes run wild.)

Honestly, we wouldn't mind her escapades, since she generally stays in our yard, except the north side neighbors have a Golden Retriever (i.e. a fairly big dog) and the south side neighbors (the ones whose bushes she explored) have a German Shepherd (i.e. an even bigger dog). The Golden Retriever in particular is often left out in the yard with nothing but an electric fence to hold him back from chasing our fat cat. Tammy is pretty fast and does have all her claws, but I still don't much want her to have a run-in with a dog four or five times her size.

5. Speaking of food (I did it up in Take 2, did you forget?) Mom has lately been trying out new recipes almost every night. I am opposed to this in principle. What was wrong with eating the same 30 things every month?? I grudingly grant that some of the recipes have been good, but others have been "I can tell just by looking at it that this is a bad idea." Last night was one of those. But I made it anyway, because if you say, "No, I don't want to cook that dinner; my religion forbids participating in such terrible things," Mom says stuff like, "Okay, go clean all the hardwood while I cook dinner." So I made the dinner I had been instructed to make and then made myself an egg sandwich.

This will never happen when I am married. Scott, you are warned.

6. Speaking again of food, the other day, I mentioned to my mother that we hadn't had green beans in a while and we should have some for dinner. That afternoon, the lovely and brilliant Emily's mother brought over SACKS of food. A bag of green beans, half a dozen zucchini, a couple of squash that look like swans, and some weird lettucy stuff. Notice: A bag of homegrown, fresh-picked green beans, a few hours after I specifically mentioned having a hankering for green beans. So we had green beans that night.

7. I like the weather lately. Here in Middle of Nowhere, Ohio, it's gotten down to the 70's rather than 80's or 90's. Yes, I really do have nothing else to blog about, but there, I have a seventh quick take.

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Theocentrica said...

Not The Comfy Chair!

The Sojourner said...


Emily G. said...

Sorry to hear about your chair. I have the comfy chair my parents had when I was a kid. Really ugly and old now, but still comfy. I will be so sad when it dies. It's close now.

Green beans...we got 2 meals worth from our garden. I guess that was pretty good for a 6' row but I still wish there'd been more.

jen said...

i love the tim hawkins quote. i may have to borrow it. :)

Becky D. said...

I was especially put out by #1 when #3 happened. Not being able to rock Miss Teresa when she was feeling yucky didn't help her get back to bed. I tried holding and swaying but it's hard when the 4yr old is over 50 lbs. #5 I will have to remember "cleaning all the hardwood" I wouldn't have come up with that on my own.