Friday, September 2, 2011

Seven Quick Takes I am so out of it that I originally forgot to give this post a title edition

1. I feel like a really bad blogger lately. I have my reasons, but I still feel bad. See, I don't post little funny things midweek because I figure I should save them for Quick Takes, but then I have more things than takes, and also I don't like mixing wedding planning and other updates because I actually have a CATEGORY for these things and I don't want it filled with posts that are one sentence wedding and the rest cute things Teresa did.

2. I got the other six Harry Potter books from the library today. I've already finished Chamber of Secrets. I liked it. I feel like I should now hang my head in shame for surrendering to pop culture.

3. Scott has had this week off school (that's not wedding related, that's just Scott-related), and I thought, "Great! I'll be able to go to bed by 11 every night because he won't be out late at class!"

Nope. I've been up till 11:30 or 12 every night this week, talking. Not even about wedding stuff some nights, just talking because we miss each other. :(

4. Teresa told a ghost story to Tammy this morning. I don't remember any of it except the part where Teresa used detailed hand gestures to indicate that the ghost took bad dreams out of his head and put them in Tammy's head, and then took nice dreams out of her head and put them in his own head. (I think this is related to the time I was trying to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix and had to pause it for probably 10 minutes while Teresa demanded explanations of why she couldn't watch it. ["I won't be scared!"] Part of that explanation was that it might give her bad dreams, and she looked in shock at the vampire on the screen and said, "He might take good dreams outta my head and put bad ones in?")

5. The cats' unofficial birthday is September 6. (They were born sometime in the first week or so of September, way back in 2002. They're getting pretty up there for cats.) Teresa decided randomly the other day that we NEEDED to have a birthday party for them.

So we bought a new package of jingly balls, a new cat carrier (they've only had one all these years that they have to share when they go to the vet; we finally decided to get a second one), two cans of wet cat food (normally they eat dry), some cat treats, a box of devil's food cake mix, and a tub of frosting. The last two things are for the humans to enjoy on the cats' behalf.

Anybody who points out that there are children starving in Africa while we're having a birthday party for our cats will get spammed with 150 links to Swistle's post on The Giant Internet Hand of Spanking.

6. I just went to my Facebook profile to see if I could think of anything else worth posting and found this gem:
Teresa: "Kuh, kuh, k starts with kitchen!" She attempts to put a magnetic K on her wooden toy fridge. "Muh, muh, m starts with...what's this thing?" Me: "Microwave." Teresa: "Microwave!" I think it's hilarious that she apparently knew what letter "microwave" starts with, but couldn't remember the whole word.
and this:
More adventures with letters: Teresa couldn't find anything that began with N, so she made me pretend to take a nap.
and this too:
Teresa told a story to Tammy that went something like this: We bought you at a pet shop. And then a pink dragon came and tried to steal you. And then a beautiful prince came and chopped the dragon up and we all had a piece to eat. And we had fun and a party. The end.
7. We don't have any cookies or anything in the house, so today for my dessert I cut up some strawberries and put Cool Whip and chocolate syrup on them. It was awesome.

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The Not-Boyfriend-Anymore said...

I feel compelled to mention that my computer and family situation currently makes it difficult to _get_ time to talk before ten or even eleven even when I am home at six. It is greatly annoying to me.

Also, you haven't surrendered to pop culture just because you've evaluated something yourself and decided it's good. You can't go around doing the opposite of what everyone else does just to spite everyone; everyone else uses words, for starters...

Emily G. said...

I responded to your comment on my blog.

Strawberries and cream is the best dessert ever. Chocolate syrup only makes it better.

The Not-Boyfriend-Anymore said...

By the way, something else that occured to me: Star Trek, Inception and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (apparently Joss Whedon's only successful show) are apparently big in pop culture, at least relatively speaking. Yes, they mark one as a geek (or as intelligent, if there's a difference) in a way that, say, being a Justin Bieber fan doesn't. But I think the main thing is they don't look so faddish because kids don't get related merchandise marketed at them for most of those things, whereas they did with HP because it started as kids books. The point stands that you and I like lots of things that could be considered part of popular culture, even if not the most mainstream stuff. You could always watch Harry Potter Puppet Pals if you want to nerdify your experience of HP...

Tenant said...

I didn't realize you had a blog! It's weird how you know my landlady. Now I have three completely separate connections to her through people I know. It's fun to keep up with your wedding planning! Good luck with all of that, luvvy.

The Sojourner said...

Tenant: Yeah, I mostly keep the blog secret from real-life people. I guess I kind of like to keep the two worlds separate, but it looks like that's getting harder. :)

Thanks for the love, too. I needed it tonight.