Friday, October 28, 2011

Seven wedding planning updates in which people won't stop giving me stuff

--- 1 ---

I'm going to start with a teeny little "Things people are NOT giving me" rant, so we can move on to the fun stuff:

I'm thinking we need to move away from "The favor of a reply is requested" language on invitations. Because really? I'm not that demure about the necessity of a reply. Everybody needs to hurry up and reply.

By last Saturday, the deadline printed on the invitations, I had exactly 30 of my ~105 reply cards back. Now I'm up to about 45.

Edited to add: I did the math for my mom and at the moment it comes to 64 people coming, 58 people not coming, and 83 people unknown. Most of the yes and no people are from actual RSVP cards, but several people have RSVPed via Facebook or email.

--- 2 ---

Speaking of reply cards, one of the replies I have gotten is from a household sister who's now in formation with the Carmelites. It was the sweetest thing ever.

--- 3 ---

The official first wedding gift was from Scott's former philosophy tutor. He and his wife are unable to come, but they arranged to have a Mass said for us and our marriage.

I can't think of anything to add to that, so I'm just going to let it stand as a testament to the awesomeness of our lives.

--- 4 ---

Elder Elder Brother and Co., who are also unable to come (insert sadness here), sent us a frying pan. It is shiny. I like it a lot.

Then Scott's Uncle F. and Aunt C. sent us two different things from our registry. And I thought, "Oh, how nice." Then they sent us a check in the mail. And I thought, "I kind of hope Mr. Cobbler's other 14 siblings appointed this brother as their gift-giving representative." Because seriously. If this is what everybody is going to do my little introverted self is going to get totally overwhelmed by the attention. (I love it. I just want to hide until it is over. Introverts are weird like that.)

Then Scott's godparents also sent us a check.

Our Big Comfy Chair Fund is going to actually have something in it if this keeps up.

(Did I mention that my Big Comfy Chair broke? It was awful. I am still saddened.)

--- 5 ---

Literally the day before our first gift arrived, I thought, "Hey, I should go buy thank-you notes just in case anyone feels moved to buy us a wedding present."

Methinks I need to unwrap that package this weekend.

--- 6 ---

Speaking of godparents (I did in Take #4, did you notice?), my godmother has decided that she wants to be the fairy godmother of my wedding. She sent me a big box of assorted things the other day, she insisted on being invited to my bridal shower so she'd have another excuse to send a gift (she can't actually come to the shower because she lives in Georgia), and she keeps stalking my registry and saying that I need to put more stuff on it.

Also, she seems to have figured out a way for me to get super-nice wedding flowers for free. I am not kidding. Further updates on that as events warrant.

--- 7 ---

Notice I mentioned a bridal shower in my last take? The lovely and brilliant Emily's mother and another mother from our homeschool group decided to throw me one, with absolutely no prompting from me. Like I mentioned above, I secretly love the attention, but I am also kind of quivering nervously at the thought of not being able to hide behind the cookie table. (That's my favorite place to hide at parties. Because there are cookies to eat while you hide.)

Oh, and my mom just went to an All Saints Party and came home with a bunch of chips and pretzels and who knows what from the other mother. (Other Mother's daughter got married earlier this month. They apparently have leftover finger food and don't know what to do with it. I think my wedding guests will be able to help them brainstorm a solution.)

And now Mom wants me to make that stuff not be in the back of the van, so I'll hit publish and go.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Seven quick wedding planning updates with lots of pictures

I spent all week working on these so they'd be ready by Friday. Just so you know. Also, I HATE uploading pictures. (It takes SO LONG.) So you'd better appreciate these.

1. Exchanges I had with my pastor during our last meeting with him (two weeks ago Saturday):

"You can get into the church at 11 at the latest, and that's if there's a funeral."
"Well, DUH. You have to make sure nobody dies that week!"
[laughs] "I actually had a family once who got really angry because there was a funeral and they'd 'rented the church for the whole day!'"

"And I gave you an invitation. If you want to come to the reception you can RSVP. Maybe for two or three people, depending on how much you want to eat."
"I think seven."

"I like Nuptial Blessing #1 best, though I didn't specify that because you said not to. Just read #1 of everything and eventually you'll get to the thing I want."
"Or I could just make one up."
"Then we'll burn you at the stake afterwards."

2. I won't tell you all about invitations, because that would be the longest Quick Take of all time, but here's a picture as a teaser for the post I might write someday:

3. The bridesmaid dresses came two weeks ago. Andrea wouldn't let me post the picture I took of her in her dress, even though she looks quite lovely, so you'll have to settle for this:

Also, a closer shot of the beading around the neckline:

4. Here is a picture of my mother in her dress:

5. Here is a picture of Teresa in her dress (on her FIFTH birthday, I might add. When did she get so big?):

6. Okay, fine. Here is a picture of me wearing a mock-up of my dress (Bonus: Teresa wearing her Halloween costume):

And a picture in which you can see what the train is kinda-sorta supposed to look like:

The real dress will be made of satin, not cotton, so the train will stay in place better. The cotton train kept trying to shrivel up. The real dress will also have sleeves so I won't feel compelled to wear a t-shirt under it. :)

7. Since I haven't yet gotten Scott's permission to post identifying pictures of him on the blog, this is all you get from our engagement shoot:

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P.S. to anyone who came from the Quick Takes post: I DO know how to spell the name of my own blog. The form just makes it hard to type a long name and I misspelled it two weeks ago, so now auto-fill remembers the wrong spelling. And once I've hit enter I can't go back and edit my entry. Or post another one with the correct spelling. *headdesk*

Friday, October 14, 2011

Stress relief is important, right?

I'm hoping to get a Quick Takes post up...sometime. But right now I'm writing posts for my new blog.

Yeah, I started another blog. It's exclusively about a Sims challenge I'm trying to complete, so it's 100% frivolous. But it is also kind of cathartic, and it's an outlet for my frustrated writing impulses. (I've been having bad writer's block on my serious stories.)

So. Go read, if you want.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Seven Belated Takes

1. I am so sick of driving. Admittedly, none of this driving is Essential to Life, but most of it is pretty important. Like, I totally had to drive to Steubenville for my household reunion. I told everybody I was going to be there, and then my ride fell through. So I drove for 200+ miles all by myself. I win at this "Being a grown-up" thing.

That was the second weekend of September. Then three weeks ago we had a couple of wedding-related appointments and I had to go fetch Scott and then go drop him off. Which means 6 hours of driving over the course of a weekend. That's like going to Steubenville and not coming back.

Then last weekend I picked him up so we could attend the wedding of one of my friends from high school. His mom offered to save me some driving and meet me halfway-ish on Sunday. So Scott and I set out, and then got distracted or something and missed our exit by, oh, 12 miles. So then his mom had to turn around and come back and by then I might as well have just taken him home. Yeah, I was not feeling the "I win at being a grown-up" right then. Then Scott bought me ice cream, because he knows that ice creams solves all my ills. Except the one involving my waistline.

Then this weekend we have two more wedding-related appointments. So I went and picked him up again. I don't know if anybody's meeting me halfway on Sunday again.

Oh, also? I spent $177 on gas last month. That is NOT COOL. I could do without that part of being a grown-up.

2. I can't think of anything to write. I'll mine Facebook for Teresa stories.
Teresa wants to go outside and water the daisies. Me: "Okay, but then we come RIGHT BACK IN. Comprende?" Her: "Uh-huh." Then she holds out her fist. "Deal?" "Deal." And we fist-bump on it. I love this kid.
I had the washer lid up and the dryer door open in preparation for transferring my wet laundry from one to the other. Then I got distracted talking to Mom. When I turned back around I found that Teresa had pushed a chair in front of the washer and was grabbing my stuff and tossing it in the dryer. I LOVE THIS KID. (And not just because she does my chores.)
Teresa made me a Valentine today that says "asreTe." Hey, she got all the letters! Remembering to start at the left side of the page so she doesn't run out of room and get all confused can happen later.
3. On that note, here's a picture:

4. It was Middle Younger Brother's birthday earlier this week. I feel like a bad Birthday Stalker because I completely forgot. (I am inconsistent about sending cards, but I generally do pass along birthday greetings to Scott's siblings one way or another.) I got to eat a cupcake when I was picking up Scott yesterday, which is why I remembered. Anyway, you all should pray for him to have a good year being [way too old to be somebody's little brother].

Also, Youngest Younger Brother is apparently getting Confirmed next week. He told me this because he said that his mom's going to buy him a suit that he can hopefully also wear to the wedding. So you should pray for him to get lots of grace and for his mother to be able to find a suit that fits somebody who's 5'7" but probably weighs 100 pounds soaking wet. (Teenage boys are hilarious like that.)


I got a big kick out of that picture when I saw it (can't remember where; sorry random blogger!). I got an even bigger kick out of the comment Liza Jane left when I posted it on Facebook:

If it were me, it would be more like this: "Oh my gosh! These tights are too tight! I'm going to lose circulation in my legs! Then I'm going to develop bed sores! Those take forever to go away! They're going to puss and get all over my wedding dress! I'll walk in and then James will be like, 'Eww, gross... never mind!' AND ALL MY HOPES AND DREAMS WILL BE RUINED FOREVER!!!!!" *SOBS*

I love it when people understand me. (Except then I also feel sorry for them. My brain is sometimes not such a fun place to be.)

6. I officially own my own car now. I'd show you a picture but it's late and I don't feel like it. It's a 2003 Chevy Malibu. It's gold. It used to be my dad's, but now he has a shiny blue car. The end.

7. Did I mention Teresa is turning 5 this month? I'm intentionally vague about her precise birthday (just in case certain people figure out how to turn on a computer, open the internet, and use Google...), but it's SOON. I'm not ready for her to be five. She's still a baby.

Bonus take 8: I am looking forward to Halloween. I like candy. This is the last year I might get away with not buying it myself.

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