Saturday, October 8, 2011

Seven Belated Takes

1. I am so sick of driving. Admittedly, none of this driving is Essential to Life, but most of it is pretty important. Like, I totally had to drive to Steubenville for my household reunion. I told everybody I was going to be there, and then my ride fell through. So I drove for 200+ miles all by myself. I win at this "Being a grown-up" thing.

That was the second weekend of September. Then three weeks ago we had a couple of wedding-related appointments and I had to go fetch Scott and then go drop him off. Which means 6 hours of driving over the course of a weekend. That's like going to Steubenville and not coming back.

Then last weekend I picked him up so we could attend the wedding of one of my friends from high school. His mom offered to save me some driving and meet me halfway-ish on Sunday. So Scott and I set out, and then got distracted or something and missed our exit by, oh, 12 miles. So then his mom had to turn around and come back and by then I might as well have just taken him home. Yeah, I was not feeling the "I win at being a grown-up" right then. Then Scott bought me ice cream, because he knows that ice creams solves all my ills. Except the one involving my waistline.

Then this weekend we have two more wedding-related appointments. So I went and picked him up again. I don't know if anybody's meeting me halfway on Sunday again.

Oh, also? I spent $177 on gas last month. That is NOT COOL. I could do without that part of being a grown-up.

2. I can't think of anything to write. I'll mine Facebook for Teresa stories.
Teresa wants to go outside and water the daisies. Me: "Okay, but then we come RIGHT BACK IN. Comprende?" Her: "Uh-huh." Then she holds out her fist. "Deal?" "Deal." And we fist-bump on it. I love this kid.
I had the washer lid up and the dryer door open in preparation for transferring my wet laundry from one to the other. Then I got distracted talking to Mom. When I turned back around I found that Teresa had pushed a chair in front of the washer and was grabbing my stuff and tossing it in the dryer. I LOVE THIS KID. (And not just because she does my chores.)
Teresa made me a Valentine today that says "asreTe." Hey, she got all the letters! Remembering to start at the left side of the page so she doesn't run out of room and get all confused can happen later.
3. On that note, here's a picture:

4. It was Middle Younger Brother's birthday earlier this week. I feel like a bad Birthday Stalker because I completely forgot. (I am inconsistent about sending cards, but I generally do pass along birthday greetings to Scott's siblings one way or another.) I got to eat a cupcake when I was picking up Scott yesterday, which is why I remembered. Anyway, you all should pray for him to have a good year being [way too old to be somebody's little brother].

Also, Youngest Younger Brother is apparently getting Confirmed next week. He told me this because he said that his mom's going to buy him a suit that he can hopefully also wear to the wedding. So you should pray for him to get lots of grace and for his mother to be able to find a suit that fits somebody who's 5'7" but probably weighs 100 pounds soaking wet. (Teenage boys are hilarious like that.)


I got a big kick out of that picture when I saw it (can't remember where; sorry random blogger!). I got an even bigger kick out of the comment Liza Jane left when I posted it on Facebook:

If it were me, it would be more like this: "Oh my gosh! These tights are too tight! I'm going to lose circulation in my legs! Then I'm going to develop bed sores! Those take forever to go away! They're going to puss and get all over my wedding dress! I'll walk in and then James will be like, 'Eww, gross... never mind!' AND ALL MY HOPES AND DREAMS WILL BE RUINED FOREVER!!!!!" *SOBS*

I love it when people understand me. (Except then I also feel sorry for them. My brain is sometimes not such a fun place to be.)

6. I officially own my own car now. I'd show you a picture but it's late and I don't feel like it. It's a 2003 Chevy Malibu. It's gold. It used to be my dad's, but now he has a shiny blue car. The end.

7. Did I mention Teresa is turning 5 this month? I'm intentionally vague about her precise birthday (just in case certain people figure out how to turn on a computer, open the internet, and use Google...), but it's SOON. I'm not ready for her to be five. She's still a baby.

Bonus take 8: I am looking forward to Halloween. I like candy. This is the last year I might get away with not buying it myself.

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Liza Jane said...

Yay! I'm so happy that the comment made you happy! Wedding planning has gotten so friggin stressful that I'm just like, erghermblurghashta. And it's still in the fun parts (you know, where things are working out occasionally)

Next time you can, stop by. I work right by your future spouse house, so maybe I could stop by.

Da Crocks said...

"just in case certain people figure out how to turn on a computer, open the internet, and use Google..."
Frends is help you scare applyances.

The Sojourner said...

Like. :)