Thursday, October 20, 2011

Seven quick wedding planning updates with lots of pictures

I spent all week working on these so they'd be ready by Friday. Just so you know. Also, I HATE uploading pictures. (It takes SO LONG.) So you'd better appreciate these.

1. Exchanges I had with my pastor during our last meeting with him (two weeks ago Saturday):

"You can get into the church at 11 at the latest, and that's if there's a funeral."
"Well, DUH. You have to make sure nobody dies that week!"
[laughs] "I actually had a family once who got really angry because there was a funeral and they'd 'rented the church for the whole day!'"

"And I gave you an invitation. If you want to come to the reception you can RSVP. Maybe for two or three people, depending on how much you want to eat."
"I think seven."

"I like Nuptial Blessing #1 best, though I didn't specify that because you said not to. Just read #1 of everything and eventually you'll get to the thing I want."
"Or I could just make one up."
"Then we'll burn you at the stake afterwards."

2. I won't tell you all about invitations, because that would be the longest Quick Take of all time, but here's a picture as a teaser for the post I might write someday:

3. The bridesmaid dresses came two weeks ago. Andrea wouldn't let me post the picture I took of her in her dress, even though she looks quite lovely, so you'll have to settle for this:

Also, a closer shot of the beading around the neckline:

4. Here is a picture of my mother in her dress:

5. Here is a picture of Teresa in her dress (on her FIFTH birthday, I might add. When did she get so big?):

6. Okay, fine. Here is a picture of me wearing a mock-up of my dress (Bonus: Teresa wearing her Halloween costume):

And a picture in which you can see what the train is kinda-sorta supposed to look like:

The real dress will be made of satin, not cotton, so the train will stay in place better. The cotton train kept trying to shrivel up. The real dress will also have sleeves so I won't feel compelled to wear a t-shirt under it. :)

7. Since I haven't yet gotten Scott's permission to post identifying pictures of him on the blog, this is all you get from our engagement shoot:

Visit Jen for more Quick Takes.

P.S. to anyone who came from the Quick Takes post: I DO know how to spell the name of my own blog. The form just makes it hard to type a long name and I misspelled it two weeks ago, so now auto-fill remembers the wrong spelling. And once I've hit enter I can't go back and edit my entry. Or post another one with the correct spelling. *headdesk*


Liza Jane said...

Yay, pictures!

Teresa is way too cute.

I like your bridesmaid dress colors, I'm hoping for a light blue with silver accent combination, so yours makes me happy! I also like the beading.

I can't wait till your wedding!!

The Noy-Boyfriend-Anymore said...

You have to zoom in on my picture to tell where my hair ends and my hat begins.

Also, you normally can hit the down arrow to select an autocomplete option and... hit the delete key! (Not backspace, delete.) Unless this is a more automatic autocomplete than I am used to, in which case I will fix it for you sometime because there's always _some_ way to fix these things (unless the company/corporation/whatever that made it doesn't know what they're doing)...