Friday, November 11, 2011

Seven Quick Takes about visiting Scott

--- 1 ---

I drove down to Scott's house Wednesday night and just got back. Why did you go visit him in the middle of the week instead of on a weekend as usual? you ask. That is a good question, faithful reader. Except, if you were a faithful reader you would know. Let me rephrase: That is a good question, new reader. The reason I went to visit Scott in the middle of the week was so we could get a marriage license.

We have one now. Yay! I'd show it to you, but there's that pesky "identifying info" bit. A couple of funny moments:

Did you know that if you're going to the county courthouse in a major metropolitan area THERE MIGHT NOT BE FREE PARKING? I'm way spoiled by living in the boonies. Fortunately the parking meter took small change and Scott and I scraped together enough dimes and nickels to get about an hour and a half of parking. (There were 42 minutes left when we got back; I proclaimed those a gift to the person who parked there after us.)

Scott had to put down his mother's maiden name. (He was aware of this going in.) But then I had to correct his spelling (fortunately, his mother's name on Facebook is First Maiden Last, all spelled out). Then when the clerk (who was a very nice man) was going through all the names confirming the spelling thereof, when he got to Mrs. Cobbler's maiden name Scott looked at me to confirm that it was spelled correctly. I should probably just embrace my position as person who knows everything about everyone. (Also known as Creepy Stalker.)

--- 2 ---

While I was writing that last take, my mom told me to check my registry. A certain person who shall remain nameless (but I know who it is, thanks to Amazon...) just got us SIX THINGS off of our registry.

If people keep doing this kind of thing I'm going to have to put more stuff on there...

--- 3 ---

I think I mentioned at one point that my stock thank-you for cash gifts was going to mention the Big Comfy Chair Fund.

Well, a certain Mrs. W. (who happens to be the person who hosted my bridal shower) was asking my mom if Scott and I needed any furniture, because she goes garage sale-ing a lot and could keep an eye out for good bargains. So my mom mentioned our desire for a Big Comfy Chair and Mrs. W said that one of her friends is getting rid of a recliner to make room for a new one. So now we're apparently getting a recliner for free; we just need to go pick it up at some point.

--- 4 ---

Scott and I also looked at two apartments yesterday. I can't really give details, so I'll relate a random anecdote instead.

When we were looking at one of the apartments, the lady who was showing us around asked if we were currently living together.

Me: "No, but we're getting married in two weeks."

Does that count as taking a stand for traditional values? I'm a nonconfrontational troglodyte so I don't get very many evangelization opportunities.

--- 5 ---

This isn't related to anything, but today Youngest Younger brother got up at 7 a.m. to make everyone pancakes. For no particular reason. Also, the getting up at 7 (except under duress) is quite contrary to the usual habits of the Cobbler family; YYB did it because he knew people had to be out and about early.

Yes, I DO want to squeeze his cheeks or something just about every time I'm over there. I have a feeling a gangly teenager would not appreciate that, though, so I restrain myself.

(I don't get the "SOOO cute!" reaction with MYB or EYB. Maybe because YYB was the only one who was still little when I met them all. Or maybe there's some kind of cute threshhold that gets crossed when you're less than 7 years younger than I am.)

--- 6 ---

At one point, The Only Sister was giving me hugs and happily proclaiming me "future sister-in-law!" That prompted me to remark that it's entirely possible she's the only sister-in-law I'll ever have. Scott pointed out that I could count his brothers' wives, and I said they don't count for the purposes of that discussion. So then EYB said that if we don't count them it's guaranteed I won't ever have any sisters-in-law other than TOS. Scott, who of course knew what I was thinking, said that maybe my parents will adopt a little boy and then he'll get married someday, in which case I'd have another sister-in-law.

Then we got onto the subject of priests, I think because TOS told her mother that if all the boys get married then the girls will finally outnumber the boys. And Mrs. Cobbler said she still had hope that one of the boys would become a priest. (She's 0 for 3 at the moment, but she's still got three chances.) So then I was telling Scott how my life plan is to have a whole bunch of boys (I didn't specify, but by a whole bunch I mean something like 6-8) and that way I can sort of generally proclaim that I want one of them to grow up to be a priest without putting undue psychological pressure on any one of them. But if we have all girls we can be like The Little Flower's parents. (I don't have a plan for what happens if we have only one or two boys.) That segued into a discussion about whether gender distribution is genetic (i.e. Mrs. Cobbler said that we're likely to have a fair number of boys since the Cobbler family in general is predominantly male). And then we just started watching videos of Kermit the Frog on YouTube.

--- 7 ---

We're really starting to get to the point where there aren't a lot of things to do. Mari has promised that my dress will arrive tomorrow (she had estimated today, but I'm betting the whole Veteran's Day thing threw off her estimate). Scott and I ordered wedding bands which should arrive late next week. We'll hopefully get accepted to this one apartment and be able to move next weekend. Etc.

Random ending note unrelated to everything else: Next Thursday is my birthday! I'm excited.

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Trisha Niermeyer Potter @ Prints of Grace said...

#4 Definitely counts as evangelization! There are so many people who live together before they're married that the fact that you two don't is a witness to your family, friends, and well as your realtor.

Happy Birthday and may God bless you and Scott with a marriage that is filled with love, laughter, and an abundance of blessings!

Remember that the wedding is just a day, but that your marriage if for a lifetime and all will be well!

The Not-Boyfriend-Anymore said...

For what it's worth, after trying to track down the much greater sum of info the apartment landlord wants, there was little space left in my brain to wonder offhand what my mother's middle name is and at the same time remember the exact order of the German letters that come after the one that's disguised as her middle initial but isn't since it's the initial of her maiden name. And I still have lots to do and my brain is full in general.

The Not-Boyfriend-Anymore said...

(And of course, the whole initial thing indicates that I'm not on Fb often anymore, since I recall her name in a different format.)

The Sojourner said...

Hey, it's all right. I like being able to use my skills.

jen said...

I'm a nonconfrontational troglodyte so I don't get very many evangelization opportunities.

i'm so quoting this on my blog!!!