Friday, November 4, 2011

There is nothing in my brain but wedding planning, so that's what you get

--- 1 ---

We still have about 40 people (out of 200 and change) unaccounted for as far as RSVPs. (We're missing more RSVP cards than the 20 or so belonging to those people, but I stopped begrudging people Facebook RSVPs at some point this past week.) That's pretty abysmal, even if it is better than EIGHTY-THREE. Oh well. Too bad for those people. If they decide to come after all, they just won't get any food, and they'll have no one to blame but themselves.

--- 2 ---

Relatedly, today I phoned the cake baker and gave her a final head count and we calculated what the total charge would be and I sent her a check. (Except the mail had already come, so my mom ran it to the post office on the way to another errand.)

I also emailed the caterer the final head count and a few final-detail questions. Hopefully she'll get back to me promptly and there will be no headaches involved.

(I also called the reception hall and got everything squared away there. I am so proud of myself today.)

--- 3 ---

My godmother is my new favorite person, because she took care of all the flowers and there were no headaches for me AT ALL.

I am getting a bouquet with 18 pink-edged roses and a fair bit of greenery. The bridesmaids are getting a similar thing but with 12 roses. Mary (you know, the Mother of God Mary) is getting a similar thing with 6 roses. I was not so much a fan of that, but I'm also getting an extra throwing bouquet. Since I'm not throwing a bouquet (really, does anyone actually LIKE that tradition?), I think Mary is going to get that one too. Then she will not have fewer flowers than anybody else.

There will also be two vases of flowers to go on either side of the tabernacle; I forget what those are supposed to look like.

The moms and my grandma are getting corsages with white roses. Apparently the pink-edged roses are too big to make good corsages.

The guys are getting bout...bout...those things that pin to their lapels. I don't know if the roses will be white or pink-edged white. I wouldn't care either way except that I went to a lot of trouble to make sure the guys wouldn't be offended by anything vaguely pinkish touching their person. (Report: Middle Younger Brother likes wearing pink, because he's a rebel. :) The other brothers don't care.) Funny story: My godmother called my mother and said that she had counted wrong because weren't there supposed to be four groomsmen? And then my mom explained again that we're being uneven and there are actually only three groomsmen. Godmother: "Oh well. You'll have an extra in case one breaks or something."

Also, I didn't like the one flower girl basket that was displayed on the florist's website. (It had a little too much greenery. Greenery is the kind of thing that should be done in moderation.) So the florist is giving her something bigger than the one pictured. I am a little vague on what it's going to look like, but Teresa is probably going to have a blast, carrying it serenely down the aisle.

--- 4 ---

WE HAVE VOCALISTS NOW! I can't believe I almost forgot that one. It is immensely relieving to no longer be periodically panicking about what's going to happen if there's no one there to sing.

(They're two guys Scott and I know from Franciscan.)

--- 5 ---

Mari promises that my dress will ship on Monday. Meanwhile, I have my godmother's veil and as I write this my mom is out buying me a tiara, to replace the one we bought last Saturday that got tragically, accidentally stepped on by a certain 50-pound person who shall remain nameless. So I won't have to get married in my nightgown or anything.

--- 6 ---

Some things that still need to be done: 1) Choosing a reader/readers for the Mass. I am not worried about this. Reading is not a specialized skill like singing. (This is where any friends who are trained lectors will come out and kill me.) 2) Compiling a playlist for the iPod. Yes, we're going super classy with the reception music. (Melanie can come out of the woodwork now and say that's totally classy. Also, I just showed my stalker colors by knowing such a random fact about somebody I've never met.) We've made some progress there; my dad sent me a list of about 93 suggestions the other day. 3) Get a marriage license. (This is on the calendar for next week. It's complicated by the fact that Scott and I have to be in the same place at the same time ON A WEEKDAY. Silly probate court needs to have weekend hours.) 4) Get wedding bands. We're almost done deciding this one.

The real list is even longer than that, but I won't bore you with the rest.

--- 7 ---

I'm doing NaNoWriMo. See? This relates to the wedding because at one point this week my ability to singlehandedly make that little blue bar grow was the only thing standing between me and a total Bridezilla meltdown. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Stress relief is important.

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Anne Bazin said...

I hate the bouquet toss too! And we totally skipped at our wedding. I don't think anyone noticed. Or minded if they did.

jen said...

i'm "khouria" on the nano site.

Liza Jane said...

So... you think you could connect me with info on the free flowers thing??? I mean, hey, I'm stealing your photographer, possibly your music... why not make it a good and holy 3???

Liza Jane said...

PS: I love the bouquet toss... It's the guarder thing that I'm dropping.

The Sojourner said...

Liza: Well, you'd have to rent a time machine and...were you even baptized Catholic? Because using the time machine to get you a new godmother would be tricky if you weren't.

P.S. I've only been to one wedding without the bouquet toss, but I don't think I've ever been to a wedding with the garter thing. (Thank you, Jesus.) Maybe it's just the circles I run in or maybe it's going out of style in general.

The Sojourner said...

P.P.S. By your wedding, I will be a benevolent old married lady, so if you happen to invite me for some reason you needn't worry that I'll be silently judging you. I'll just stand in the corner and smile benevolently while eating all the cake.

Calah said...

I ditched the bouquet thing too, but mostly because I forgot about it. Awesome. Also, AGREED about the greenery. My mother-in-law did my bouquets for me, and she is a lady who likes greenery. I was trying not to be rude while still making it clear that I thought the bouquets looked...ahem...weed-ey. Wedding planning is somewhat of a scary thing. Also, the Ipod thing is awesome. I wish we had done that. Instead we paid for a discount DJ and let me just tell you...not.a.good.idea.

The Sojourner said...

Thanks. :)