Saturday, December 24, 2011

Names Part Two

At one point this summer, I changed my Facebook display name from Megan D____ to Megan Elizabeth D____. I did so because Scott said he didn't know how to spell my middle name (I don't think he's aware of the Elizabeth/Elisabeth controversy, he just never thought about how to spell Elizabeth) and I thought that was sad because I love my middle name so I put it on display.

I'm kind of happy I did so, for two reasons. One, I hope it helps my Facebook friends more quickly identify who I am. I know I get confused when a friend goes from Mary Jones to Mary Smith (that's made up), so I'd hope going from Megan Elizabeth D____ to Megan Elizabeth S____ is a little more...distinctive. But mostly I like it because then I can make it clear that I'm NOT using my maiden name as a middle name without being too passive-aggressive about it. For some reason it irritates me vastly when people write my name as Megan D____ S____. (More than one person has done this and I get equally annoyed, so no blog readers should feel singled out by this.) It's not my name, and never will be my name, and come to think of it this is the same feeling I experience when people call me Meg. (NEVER DO THIS.)

Then again, I also get annoyed when people assume (like in giving wedding gifts) that I'm changing my name to Megan S____. (This was prior to my Facebook name change; now you're allowed to assume because I've given you reason to assume.) (We didn't have any trouble cashing checks even though my driver's license didn't match 90% of them; if we had I'd be a lot more offended.) I mean, I am changing my name, and maybe it's a safe assumption to make given that I'm fairly traditional minded, but then again I'm also a journalist (albeit with a very small body of published writings) so how do you know?

I think the conclusion to draw from this post is that I'm just a cranky person. I should go put up the tree and stop blogging.

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The Not-Boyfriend-Anymore said...

Okay, this has come up before, but it only just now became clear to me: It's not so much that I "don't know how" to spell some people's names as that I actually have to think about it and/or may not be as sure of the correct spelling as certain other people.