Friday, December 2, 2011

Seven Quick Takes: Being married is way better than getting married

--- 1 ---

Well, first off: I didn't win NaNoWriMo. I made it 75% of the way there, though (37,500 words and change in 30 days) and I'm trying really hard to wrap up the storyline in the next few days so I don't forget the things I wanted to write.

--- 2 ---

The last couple of days before the wedding were REALLY stressful because random things kept popping up that needed fixing and I was busy pulling together last-minute details and really didn't feel like putting out fires.

In the end, though, everything worked out beautifully. The only major thing that went wrong is that the page for the Prayers of the Faithful didn't make it the last 15 feet from the front pew to the altar and Father ended up ad-libbing. I do feel really bad about that. See, I'd filled out the paper that morning and given it (along with a stack of other things) to the maid of honor. Mr. Cobbler, who was going to be reading the petitions, asked Father where they were. Father said he'd ask me, but didn't. I remembered while standing around in the room next to the church that I should make sure Emily knew to give the petitions to Mr. Cobbler or Father, but then by the time I got my mom's attention I forgot all about it again. I feel bad mostly because Emily felt so bad about it.

--- 3 ---

That whole "tap your glass to make the bride and groom kiss" thing also drove me slightly insane. (We had plastic cups and silverware, but people FOUND A WAY.) I'm just not a PDA person.Six days later, though, I just find it mildly annoying rather than rage-inducing.(I know, rage seems a little extreme even if you don't like PDAs, but I have this thing about people ignoring me when I ask them to stop doing something that distresses me. Usually it makes me burst into tears, actually, so I think I get points for not doing that at the wedding.)

--- 4 ---

Some of my favorite things:

1. The music. Our vocalists had a bit of a rough time because there just wasn't good communication happening between me, Scott, them, and the organist. (Getting five people on the same page is HARD.) But they pulled it all together at the last minute into something GORGEOUS. We had the Agni Parthene for the Marian devotion and standing there in front of the Mary altar with my new husband and that song being sung so well was just one of those moments where you get an idea of what Heaven must feel like.

2. We invited the local retired Sister of Charity. (She just recently celebrated the 60th anniversary of her entrance into religious life. She wears a habit and everything but lives alone rather than in a community.) For weeks before the wedding she would mention to me at daily Mass how excited she was. Then she told us a couple of days before about how she had to attend the funeral of a very good friend that morning (in a city that's about an hour's drive away), but she would try really hard to be there for the wedding. She made it, and she told us two or three times at the reception how it was just BEAUTIFUL, one of the best weddings she'd EVER been to. It makes me happy. :)

3. The Firefly reference at the end of the best man's speech. :) (Eldest Younger Brother was the best man.)

4. Oh, that reminds me: A couple of days before the wedding, Scott asked if we had a microphone for people to use during speeches. I said no, and I had no idea how to get one, and then I just put it out of my mind because I didn't feel like dealing with it and hoped if I ignored the problem it would go away.

On Friday as we were setting up Emily asked if we had a microphone and I said no and she said that her brother P. had a microphone and speakers left over from his garage band days. (P. is 19, almost 20, and had a garage band in high school).

So P. brought over his stuff and set it up and we had a microphone and speakers for the speeches and also a thing to which we hooked up my dad's iPod for the music.

Note to the world: Sometimes ignoring a problem until it goes away ACTUALLY WORKS.

--- 5 ---

I took a break from writing this blog post to go make and eat lunch. (And wash dishes. This is the part where my mother faints dead away.) Today it went like this:

1. Melt 3 tablespoons of butter in a large frying pan. (The one I used was 10 inches in diameter at the bottom.)

2. Put two large pieces of tilapia (from the jumbo bag that you got from Aldi a week ago; 2 pounds for $5.99) in the pan.

3. Sprinkle seasoned salt on the tilapia.

4. Cook until fish flakes when poked with a fork. (The advantage of tilapia over salmon is that tilapia goes from pink to white when cooked, whereas salmon goes from pink to slightly lighter pink.)

5. Enjoy.

I actually haven't had to cook much because we had so many leftovers from the reception. But Tuesday I cooked a chicken in the crockpot (Scott: "Why can't ALL chicken be like this?") and then yesterday I made chicken noodle soup with the remnants of that chicken. (Scott: Too busy eating three bowlfulls to say anything quotable.) Next week I am going to make spaghetti (we have all the fixings for that because I was going to make it this week) and baked potato soup (we have an entire 10-pound bag of potatoes still because we had a lot of potato leftovers.) We will also probably buy hamburger patties, which are a great quick meal.

--- 6 ---

How about another wedding-related tale of how awesome my maid of honor and her family are? (The first one being related to how they made a sound system magically appear.) I spent most of Thursday obsessively composing programs. (I called Scott's house seriously about four times asking him about stuff.) At some point, Mom pointed out that we don't have a color printer, so my pretty little clip art that I used to fill space on the second page wouldn't work.So when Emily called that night, I asked if her family happened to own a color printer. They do, so on Friday I went over to their house and printed 60 programs on their color printer.

It's amazing they still love me.

--- 7 ---

I was going to post pictures (carefully chosen for their non-identifying-ness), but then I remembered another story. So I'll wait to tediously upload pictures until next week, when I'll have more anyway.

At the rehearsal Friday night, Teresa refused to walk down the aisle by herself. (As flower girl, she was supposed to go first.) She ended up walking down hiding behind Emily's skirt. (Emily is a very good sport.) So the morning of I told The Only Sister to give Teresa a second to walk down on her own and then just go. (TOS was, I think, almost as nervous as Teresa, so I started to worry that putting her at the front of the line of bridesmaids had been a really bad idea.) Meanwhile, Emily volunteered of her own accord to walk Teresa down if necessary and I took her up on the offer.

But then Teresa walked down the aisle beautifully. And so did TOS and so did everybody else.

I'll be back next week with more wedding stories--and PICTURES! Don't miss it.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! May you have many many happy years.

Jeanne G.

jen said...

congrats! i was thinking of you last week.

i also didn't win nano. having a 2.5 year old in the hospital trumped finishing. i hit 40000 words just like last year. the two years i won are ones where daniel was a very little baby and where i had nothing else i was doing.

Melanie B said...

Congratulations! Yay! You're married!!!! Welcome to the ranks of married ladies! I feel like there aren't enough exclamation points to do it justice, so I'll just stop.

I'm so glad everything worked out so well.

Boo on them though for doing the glass tapping thing. I abhor that "custom" too. Definitely one more honored in the breech. I don't know how we avoided it but somehow we did.

The Sojourner said...

Thanks, everybody!

Emily G. said...

Congratulations! I've been wondering how everything went. I mean, I was sure it was pretty great, but I wanted DETAILS. :) Can't wait for photos.

The Sojourner said...

Thanks. :) If you can't wait for me to get around to posting pictures, you could always bug your tenant to let you look over her shoulder while she's on Facebook.