Friday, December 9, 2011

Seven Quick Takes: Seriously, I love being married

--- 1 ---

Scott and I are already starting to get settled into a rough routine. Or I'm settling into a routine and he's conforming because he loves me. Probably the latter.

I get up around 9 or 9:30 (my morning person heart cringes in shame, but for now I'm enjoying not having to get up and go anywhere). I eat breakfast, get ready for the day, and do dishes. (I do NOT do dishes after dinner, as is my mother's habit. Mwahaha.) If I finish those things before 11, I surf a little bit before eating lunch.

Scott sometimes gets up at 9-ish, in which case he eats breakfast and then either helps me do dishes or takes a shower. Sometimes he sleeps till 11, in which case he eats breakfast while I'm eating lunch and then eats lunch at 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

After lunch is "big project" time, which really isn't so big. Often we'll run errands. (My mom likes to run errands in the late morning. Score two for individuality!) Once we did laundry. (Now that we know the ins and outs of the communal laundry room, this is no longer a big project.) Once I chopped and boiled potatoes for potato soup because no way was I doing all that work at dinnertime.

After we finish whatever big project we were working on, we might sit around and do our own things for a while. Sometimes these are little projects that are productive. Sometimes I read blogs and he plays video games. At about 4 I start thinking about what we're having for dinner. We have dinner at 5:30 or 6 most days. After dinner I might take a shower, and then we watch TV together for a couple of hours before bed. (We go to bed at 10 or 11. Yeah, sometimes I am getting 10 hours of sleep. It's pretty awesome.) By "TV" I mean that I log into my parents' Netflix account and we watch stuff on Instant Play. We finished Firefly on Monday, watched Serenity on Tuesday, and then started on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Scott hadn't seen Buffy before and I'm surprised by how much he likes it.

--- 2 ---

I am especially proud of my potato soup, because I just made it up. Here's how it goes:

1. Cube and boil about 8 large potatoes. Set aside.

2. Chop up a small onion.

3. Brown it in half a stick of butter.

4. Add half a cup of flour. (Now that I look at it I'm thinking I got the ratio wrong there, but it all worked out.)

5. Add 8 cups of milk.

6. Stir until bubbly. (Mine never really thickened. Maybe upping the flour and butter would have helped.)

7. Dump in the potatoes, a cup of shredded cheddar, and a cup and a half of bacon bits left over from your wedding reception. If you don't have bacon bits, you should give your time turner a turn and cook and crumble some bacon. (It was VERY bacony, which is definitely not a bad thing, but I think you could easily get away with a cup of bacon.)

8. Cook it a little more. (I did this because the potatoes were cold from being in the fridge all afternoon; I didn't do it for long because it was 6:30 and Scott was majorly hovering.)

Scott says it was even better left over, because the potatoes kind of seeped potato flavor into the rest of the soup. Maybe cooking it a little longer after adding the potatoes would have remedied that in the fresh soup.

At any rate, it was delicious, and we ate it all up.

--- 3 ---

The first two times I went grocery shopping, I went to Aldi because Aldi is simple and I like simple. Wal-Mart scares me. (We did go to Wal-Mart twice to pick up assorted non-food items. The Wal-Mart here is the size of a small country. It's scary.)

Well, this week we got a lot of ads in our poor little mailbox and I went through them and noticed some good sales at GFS (vanilla; we also got yeast while we were there) and Meijer (chicken, eggs. Not oranges, though. Note to self: $2.50 for a bag of oranges is still more expensive than the $2 for a bag of oranges at good old Aldi. Don't do that again.) So I cross-referenced the locations of the nearest GFS and the nearest Meijer and after lunch Scott and I went out. (I need Scott when I venture into the big city; he's my security blanket. Yes, I realize this will be a problem when he gets a job again.)

Conveniently, there was a GFS about 5 miles from our apartment and then a Meijer about a mile beyond that. We didn't think to see if there was an Aldi along the same stretch of road. For one thing, I figured my limit was two stores in one day. For another, I am a creature of habit and there's a particular Aldi I already think of as "mine."

Well, on the way from GFS to Meijer we spotted a Aldi on the left. We decided to swing by on our way back (2 right turns > 2 left turns, especially on busy five-lane roads) and managed to do so and get all of our groceries and be $5 under budget for the week so we could afford to get a Bucket o' Ice Cream. (The best thing about Aldi: 5 quarts of fudge swirl ice cream for as many dollars. And then you can wash the bucket and use it for storage!)

(My grocery budget is $200 for both of us for a month. So far I've spent $59, $43, and $48. Go me.)

--- 4 ---

One of the reasons I wanted to get errands out of the way today rather than tomorrow is because Liza Jane and her James are supposed to be coming over for dinner tomorrow, and hosting a dinner party is probably going to require all my energy for the day. (I actually like people sometimes now, which is progress, but I am so still an introvert.)

--- 5 ---

Whenever the people upstairs open their front door, it sounds like somebody is trying to break into our apartment. (They just did so, which is why I mention it.) That's the only complaint I have. Apartment living really hasn't been that bad so far.

(The neighbors keep to themselves; that's probably why I like it. Then again, I like the landlord too and he's super-duper friendly and outgoing.)

--- 6 ---

I don't have the CD yet from the photographers. I'm not concerned, given that it's been less than 2 weeks. Probably on Monday I'll email them and ask if they want me to come pick it up or if they'll mail it to me.

--- 7 ---

I have done NOTHING to prepare for Christmas except throw that little digital Advent wreath up on my sidebar. I am a bad Catholic housewife, oh yes.

Well, and I did buy vanilla, which means that I might maybe someday make fudge. Maybe. 'Cause fudge is the reason for the season, right?

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Liza Jane said...

I truly love Aldi. because of it, I'm able to give my James (I like him having that title) duck, leg of lamb and turkey for special occasions, and not break any budget! I get almost all my meat there cause there seams to be a nice seasonal selection and I wouldn't know where to look in Kroger or Meijer for lamb or duck...

More of my commentary on food in a not-so-food friendly area: 1) Mr James is picky and says that he won't eat frozen chicken breasts (there is actually a difference in taste). Kroger's fresh chicken breasts are a lot cheaper than Aldi's. Also, buy your salmon at Kroger, too (it's okay to buy that frozen, for some reason). You can get twice as much for the same price.

I'm really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

The selfish part of me loves seeing my name (fake as it may be) in other people's blogs...

The Sojourner said...

Good thing we're not having chicken tomorrow. *g* We'll just have to enjoy our cheap frozen chicken breast all by ourselves.

I will have to remember that about Kroger. There's a Kroger very very close to the apartment.

The Really-Not-Boyfriend-Anymore said...

Three things.

1: Funny how this recipe is not exactly the Scatterbrained Chef. Step 7 is Scatterbrained Chef -like, though. I didn't notice there was cheese in that soup, oddly enough. It was also thicker as leftovers. Considering we wound up eating more of it as leftovers than immediately after cooking, it may be for the best to repeat this recipe.

2: Your security blanket also has a sense of direction and is capable of getting out of confusing Cincinnati parking lots (and "confusing" is the mildest word he can think of to apply to the vehicular access and transportation areas in this city) without going the long way around just to be retracing your steps. Sometime you'll have to let him drive, if you can keep from worrying when he tries different shortcuts and things to see how the area is arranged.

3: "Whenever the people upstairs open their front door, it sounds like somebody is trying to break into our apartment. (They just did so, which is why I mention it.)" Actually, nobody broke into our apartment; but I suspect the neighbors above us came in while this post was being written.

Salome Ellen said...

Congratulations on managing your grocery budget! The USDA "Cost of Food at Home -- Thrifty Plan" says that a couple of your age should be spending $373 per month for basic nutrition. Ha, ha! I raised six kids on under the "thrifty plan" (adjusted for family size) over the last 30 years. (If you want a laugh, google "cost of food at home" and see what the "liberal plan" spends!!

The Sojourner said...

I have no idea how you'd spend the liberal plan unless you're buying your food in gold-plated packages. Then again, maybe I'm sheltered from such knowledge by Midwestern cost-of-living. I love it here.