Friday, December 23, 2011

Seven Quick Takes with Wedding Pictures!

--- 1 ---

Quick life update:

We got certified copies of our marriage license in the mail (at Scott's parents' house, because at the time we applied for our marriage license we didn't yet have this apartment). Which means I didn't have to call them and request them. I'm thinking this "ignoring the problem until it goes away" thing is starting to look like a viable life philosophy.

We visited my family on Tuesday and Wednesday. Today we're visiting Scott's family. Then we'll be ALL BY OURSELVES on Christmas. I am looking forward to that way too much.

Relatedly, I discovered this week that 1) It is possible for me to want time away from Scott. (A long-distance relationship kept me from discovering this before now) 2) I can get an introvert buzz just by taking my computer to the dining room table instead of sitting next to him on the bed and computing. (He computes sitting on the bed.) So I don't have to kick him out for a few hours a week to preserve my sanity. Yay! (Our apartment is like this: An L-shaped living and dining room with a kitchen that opens into the dining room leg of the L, a hallway with a bathroom on one side and a storage closet on the other, and a bedroom. So the bedroom and the dining/living rooms are the only viable computing places. I do have a desk in the living room but it has my sewing machine on it.)

Christmas-wise, we picked up the spare fake tree and a box of ornaments from my parents' house. And a 8x8 glass baking dish that we got as a wedding present. So I made fudge yesterday. But we still haven't put up the Christmas tree.

--- 2 ---

We got our CD of 350 high-resolution edited wedding photos last Saturday. They've since been downloaded onto my computer, Scott's computer, and my mom's computer. (And we're planning on taking the CD to Scott's parents' house for yet more copying. Don't worry, I have a copyright release.) I also uploaded 120 pictures to Facebook. (More than 120 of the 350 are good; I just got bored.) I'd just post the public album link, but then you all would be able to see my full married name and I don't think Scott would like that. (Oh yeah, and everybody in the world would be able to see what everyone looks like and stuff.) So! Pictures!

A shot cropped by me (because Scott still won't let me put his face on the interwebz), chosen because it shows the train on my dress to full advantage (the rest of the dress doesn't look bad either):

Said dress was custom-made by a friend. She's still speaking to me, as long as I don't ever bring up the dress. Meanwhile, I LOVE the dress (not just LOVED it, I'm actively loving it right at this moment), so I call that a win.

--- 3 ---

I need this shot printed and framed:

Relatedly, here are some awesome pictures of my sisters individually:

Teresa got this scarf from the maid of honor and was playing with it. The photographer took advantage of the narrow window of opportunity.

We also got two very good family portraits, but Scott is in the one of my family and several people who value their internet anonymity are in the one of Scott's family. So, you'll just have to imagine the miracle of pictures in which whole families are actually all looking at the camera and looking reasonably happy AT THE SAME TIME. It's kind of amazing.

--- 4 ---

The photographer took lots of pictures of our flowers, which is fine by me because they were gorgeous flowers. Some examples:

(That headless shot was actually cropped by the photographer, not me. There is also a non-headless shot of Scott's mother pinning on his boutonniere.)

Bonus: Scott's wedding band. You can't really see mine behind my engagement ring, but once you've seen one plain band you've seen them all. (Really, mine is just like Scott's but a little thinner.)

(You may recall, by the way, that these flowers were paid for entirely by my fairy godmother.)

--- 5 ---

Two or three weeks before the wedding, we sort of collectively realized that the groomsmen needed clothes. So Mr. and Mrs. Cobbler dragged four of their sons out shopping (a task I do not envy) and found these shirts and ties:

(This is a picture of Eldest Younger Brother making a toast, after he'd taken off his suit jacket. He is not normally headless.)

They were quite pleased with their accomplishment in finding those things, and so was I. (I didn't see the groomsmen's outfits until they showed up for the wedding. Which shows, I think, that I am getting placid in my old age.)

--- 6 ---

The day before the wedding, my local friends (and a few out-of-town friends who happened to be there) descended on the reception hall and made it look amazing. Some examples:

--- 7 ---

Here's a picture of us giving a bouquet to Mary near the end of Mass. You get to see a bit of the inside of my church and the back of Scott's head. Aren't you happy?

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Melanie B said...

Yay for pictures! And yay for introvert time!

I love the dress. But you knew I would because it is very much like mine. :)

The flowers are gorgeous. Simply wonderful.

Your church... so pretty. I love that statue of Mary.

And Teresa is adorable.

A very Merry Christmas to you!

The Sojourner said...

It might or might not be entirely coincidental that my dress looks like yours. ;) (You might be surprised at the people on internet wedding planning forums who are all "She has MY dress!" and I think to myself, "Um, you bought your dress from a major wedding retailer. I'm pretty sure they make more than one in each style." Whereas you could be legitimately weirded out by the internet stranger copying your dress.)

The church was just totally repainted this summer. It was still pretty before, but not to the level of gorgeous it is now. (You can tell in some of my wedding pictures that not all the stations are back yet. They're all fairly large statue sets [maybe 2-3 feet tall] that got painted over with a muddy brown color and have to be meticulously hand-restored to their original colors, which apparently takes a very long time. Father was telling me about this before the rehearsal.)

Merry Christmas to you and your family too!

Melanie B said...

Well, I did buy my dress off the rack, so I'd not at all be surprised to see it in someone else's pictures-- though I never have. I don't get that mentality. If you want a one of a kind, then you have to pay for that and it isn't cheap. But anyway you aren't really an internet stranger. I feel like I've come to know you over the years. I'm sure if we met face to face we'd be instant friends. Which all boils down to the fact that I'm happy you have such a pretty dress and if mine helped to inspire it all the better.

Lucky to have the painting happen before the wedding! Just hearing about that kind of deliberate vandalism makes my blood boil. How could they paint over beautiful statues like that?! I know they were doing it everywhere but somehow each new instance I find out about feels like a new punch in the gut. But I am very glad that now the trend is to spend the money to restore and repaint and make things beautiful again.

Theocentrica said...

At one point during that last picture, the Scott was standing on your hem. I was trying to sing in Greek to distract myself from having a complete breakdown. *g*

Becky D. said...


Our Teresa wants to play with your children. She asks to see Bella and Sophie (those little girls with brothers) every once in a while and she will look at several weeks worth of posts. Teresa is getting several books you mentioned on your blog for Christmas.

It is sad that the church was painted beige years ago. I'm trying to focus on how wonderful it looks now and be thankful our pastor is making it a priority.

Becky(Megan's mom)

The Sojourner said...

Wow, Mom, way to make us sound even weirder. We're so weird our five-year-old is obsessed with people she knows only from the world of blogs.