Friday, July 22, 2011

Seven quick things for which I am thankful

I feel like this blog has been a bit of a downer lately (which could be because I've been under a lot of stress lately...), and while Keeping It Real is all well and good, I want to try something a little different this week.

1. Teresa DID fall asleep when Mom shoved her in my room at 5:30 this morning. (Mom and Dad had done all the nighttime parenting they could handle.)

2. I made $40 babysitting this week.

3. We had homemade calzones for lunch just now. (Only cheese, because it's Friday and all.)

4. My house has air conditioning.

5. It is Andrea's birthday on Sunday (she is turning 24!!) and we are having CAKE. I love cake.

I also love my sister, but mostly cake.

6. This page on TV Tropes made me laugh harder than I have in a long time. I guess I'm just the target audience for that particular trope.

7. I'm getting married to an exceedingly awesome person.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Seven Quick Takes in which I am insanely busy

1. My most recent ex-roommate (who also happens to be one of my future bridesmaids) had a job interview somewhat close to my house yesterday, so after dinner she came up and we ended up sitting on the porch chatting until I was stupid with tiredness and decided we needed to go to sleep.

Then this morning we made pancakes. Or rather Grace made pancakes and I kept up a running monologue to entertain her. (In my defense, I did help some. I was just stupid-tired still.)

We've been doing a pretty good job keeping up with each other via Skype, but it was still really nice to see her again.

2. As I might have mentioned before, I am trying to make Teresa a skirt this summer, using our much-neglected sewing machine and leftover fabric from abandoned middle-school home ec projects.

Today, I actually figured out how to use the sewing machine. User manuals are AWESOME.

There should be a more detailed picture post later, but I make no promises.

3. Speaking of posts that I might or might not write someday...Planning a wedding in five months while one's fiance is working full-time and at night class two nights a week is kind of stressful. (On top of that, other things make it stressful that I can't really discuss.) Then again, I read somewhere the other day that planning a wedding is stressful no matter what and you might as well just have a short engagement and get it over with. So onward I go. When things settle down a bit in that arena I really do want to update.

4. Despite the fact that I don't need anything else potentially stressful in my life, I do kind of need a job. Prayers for something to work out would be appreciated.

(Babysitting last week did go well, but it's not going to be a regular thing.)

5. Scott and I have also been "marriage planning." Which is to say we've been talking leases and insurance and all sorts of grown-up things. I'd much rather be marriage planning by reading about the five love languages or something, but we did that years ago. (I still want to brush up on those sorts of things. Maybe we'll pass each other notes during Pre-Cana next month.)

6. I'm part of an online writing group and we recently moved from a forum to a password-protected Wordpress blog. I have negotiated an uneasy truce with Wordpress (I'm a Blogger girl all the way) and have been posting there once a week. It's working really well for us so far and seems much more conducive to communication than the forum (we do still have the forums up and sometimes people post things there too). However, I think it might be the reason I've gone back to only posting once a week here rather than twice. Tuesday is Scribblers posting day; Friday is Clearing the Sill posting day. (Except this week I posted on the Scribblers on Wednesday, so who knows where that pattern will go.)

7. Yesterday Mom pulled a bunch of random stuff out of the pantry and declared we had to start using it up. So yesterday we made Date Almond Oatmeal Cookies. Except we looked up dates on Wikipedia and now we're thinking the weird raisiny things might actually be currants. Or something. We haven't died yet, so they must not be poison. (The cookies were actually really good.)

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Seven Quick Takes mostly about babies

1. Scott had a week off school recently (his school has really weird terms) and during that week, since he got home from work at 5 rather than getting home from night class at 10, I would talk to him for a couple hours after dinner and then go to bed at 10 or 10:30. I would wake up at 7 or 7:30 well-rested, cheerful, and ready to take on the day.

Well, now he's back to school two nights a week and I'm getting into serious wedding planning (about which more in another post) so I want to talk to him about stuff but on school nights have to do so from about 10:15 to 11:45. This is less than ideal for two reasons: 1) My brain is already starting to shut down by the time he gets home. 2) I spend most days dragging around tiredly because I need 9 hours of sleep per night but am incapable of sleeping past 8.

Being an incorrigible morning person is rough.

2. Teresa has lately taken up the habit of saying "Bless me!" in this cheerful little voice every time she sneezes. It's adorable.

3. The other day, Dad and Teresa were looking at old photos and Dad said that the events depicted took place before Teresa was born. So she said, "Was I inside my first mommy's tummy?" Dad: "No, this was before that." Teresa: "Do babies crawl up inside their mommies' tummies?" Dad: "Um, no." Teresa: "Then how do they get there?"

Dad said he wasn't really expecting having to discuss the birds and the bees with a four-year-old. He did a pretty decent job, though.

4. I have a babysitting job tonight for my former youth group director. She has three children: boys aged 6 and 4 and a 2-year-old girl. She also has a fourth due in November, but I'm not babysitting him/her. Anyway, I anticipate having fun. (Hopefully I won't have to explain the birds and the bees to the 4-year-old. :))

5. Then tomorrow I'm babysitting Teresa while Mom and Dad go to a homeschool conference. Because Mom wants to start kindergarten with Teresa on Monday.

Did you catch that? Our BABY is starting kindergarten! (Granted, this is "practice kindergarten" since she won't even be 5 until October, but still! Maybe she'll actually do it all and then be in first grade next year!)

6. Speaking of babies, my parents are still working on a private adoption. I'm voting for us to get matched with a baby born in August, partly because then we'd have June-July-August-September-October-November birthdays, and partly because then the baby wouldn't be a teensy-tiny newborn for my wedding. But mostly I want the birthdays to line up; that's more important.

7. Random fact about myself: I don't like excessive use of emoticons, so I tend not to put a smiley after statements that are sarcastic. (Deadpan humor is also my specialty in real life.) So keep that in mind as you read this blog.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

We have nothing left to teach her

The scene: Dad and I are computing in the office; Mom and Teresa are eating Mini Wheats in the dining room.

Mom: "Hey, you two in there! Did you know Frosted Mini Wheats contain wheat products?"

Us: [sarcastic disbelief]

Teresa, unprompted: "Hey you in there! Did you know there's corn in Corn Chex?"

Friday, July 1, 2011

Seven Quick Takes: Wedding details and other random things

1. This is lovely. Many thanks to Conversion Diary Jen for linking to it.

2. Wedding FAQ #1: What's the ring look like?

Like this:

Except I think in that picture the stones look kind of greenish. In real life they range from medium indigo to midnight blue depending on the light. I'm rather fond of my shiny. ("I shall call it Shiny, and it shall be mine, and it shall be my Shiny...")

3. I was applying for jobs yesterday and cracked up when I came to this part of one application:

I know, they have to standardize these things somehow, but it still cracked me up.

4. Wedding FAQ #2: How did it happen?

Short version: We went to our favorite park, walked around a while, sat down on a bench and gazed at the creek. He gave a sweet little speech and pulled out the ring. It was very private and personal and perfect for us. (With amazing alliteration...) The long version I might post later.

5. Wedding FAQ #3: Do you have a date?


Oh, you wanted to actually know the date? Well, I'll update the ticker at the bottom of my blog in a little while. (Hint: The anticipated wedding date is right around my birthday.)

Note that this is "Unless the Gauls invade," to quote the ancients. We're not worried about literal Gauls, but there are some metaphorical Gauls against which we are fortifying our northern border, so...prayers would be appreciated.

Edited to Add: Okay, I decided I liked the little turkeys too much to delete that ticker, so I just added a second ticker.

6. My mom and I have been trying to scope out reception venues this week. We've discovered that one of the very, very, very few disadvantages to living in a small town is the lack of venue options. Right now I'm trying to figure out what I'm willing to compromise on and how to make less-than-ideal elements work for us.

7. This is one of the inspirations for my potential dress. By which I mean I'd want to change just about every detail just a little bit. But that's the LOOK, you know?

I feel so girly. It's weird. I'll stop now.

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