Monday, January 9, 2012

And I would do it again

One thing I like about my tradition of posting T. S. Eliot's The Journey of the Magi every year is that the last couple of years I would pick out a line that struck me and use it as the title (or adapt it slightly for use as the title). This year I didn't repost it, which was okay because nothing in particular leapt out at me when I read it on January 6.

Well, today I read it over at Melanie's and had a delayed "favorite line of the year moment."

And I would do it again, the narrator says, after spending half the poem discussing the hardships of the journey.

Since we got married I've remarked to Scott a couple of times how HAPPY I am that we're not in a long-distance relationship anymore. But I've never really taken time to reflect on it.

I'm still not at a point where I'm ready to look at those three long difficult years and draw some profound lesson out of them. But I am willing to say that I would do it again.


Becky D. said...

When I get a spare moment (2030 maybe) I will have to ponder this in regards to adopting TJ and MJ.

Melanie B said...

Oh I love the idea of finding a line that speaks to you. "And I would do it again"... that's lovely.

I went back and re-read it and for some reason the line that jumps out at me is "and not a moment too soon". I'm not sure why.