Friday, January 27, 2012

Seven Quick Takes Mostly About Cute Stuff

--- 1 ---

Last Friday and Saturday Scott and I went to visit my family. At one point, I was entertaining Teresa by showing her pictures of the Bettinelli children. (Yes, we start 'em blog-stalking young.) Inspired by this post, she lined up our six dining room chairs into two rows and roped various people into riding on the "train." When Dad got roped in he was holding Matthew; she told them that they were going to get to ride to Disney World. Then she got mad because apparently Dad got off before they got to Disney World.

(Teresa also asked if she would someday be allowed to vacuum all by herself after seeing Bella doing it. We'll see if that inspirational moment pans out.)

--- 2 ---

My elder babysitting charge made this for me on Wednesday:

An example of one of the inner pages:

It is quite possibly the best gift ever. Seriously. I love it.

--- 3 ---

Speaking of best gifts ever, here is a drawing Teresa made for me.

Explanation: She was looking over my shoulder while I was checking Facebook and saw a girl with pink hair. Then she told me about how last summer when we were at a baseball game she saw a girl with green hair. So I told her maybe when she was older she could dye her hair green. (I am a bad, bad big sister. *grin*)

When she presented me the picture, she said, "It's me when I'm older and have green hair."

--- 4 ---

I'm out of grocery money for the month, pretty much. So I've been trying to come up with meals that use whatever odds and ends I have left in the apartment.

We happened to have half a pork roast left. So far we've had it with olive oil and rosemary and some other spices twice and with barbecue sauce once. I could've done bbq again, but I felt like trying something different. I remembered that we had seasoned salt and googled "Can you put seasoned salt on pork?" and got this recipe.

So after work yesterday I sat at my computer and drank hot cocoa and bossed Scott around and he sliced up the roast and made the pork chops. He also made some buttery garlic rice.

It was awesome.

--- 5 ---

The best post I have read this week: Bene, bene, bene by Simcha Fisher.

--- 6 ---

My mom's latest Facebook status:
Teresa didn't even let me get any caffeine before this conversation. TJ "I want a baby sister next time." Me "Sweetie we're not getting any more babies." TJ "Two babies are not too much work for me. "

--- 7 ---

I have no more ideas, so I am going to link to the other best thing I saw on teh internetz this week: This post, because of the picture. To paraphrase what Mari said when I showed it to her: It's like a visual representation of everything good in the world.

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Melanie B said...

I'm so glad Teresa enjoyed her train ride. The amusing thing about the vacuum is that Bella has chickened out on the vacuuming the last two times she said she'd do it... So I guess we haven't quite conquered that mountain after all.