Monday, March 19, 2012

The Driver's License and The Introvert Card

Yesterday before Mass, Scott asked me to considering arranging a visit with his family that afternoon. I said I didn't want to, because Sunday is my day of rest and socializing (while it can be pleasant) is never restful.

"I find visiting my family restful," Scott said.

"Then you can drive yourself over there," I said teasingly.

He laughed, but I felt bad. The fact that he doesn't drive* has been An Issue since we started dating, pretty much. While I grant that it's enabled me to grow as a person (I would never have driven 200 miles by myself if I'd had the option of making Scott do some or all of the driving) it's still a net negative in my mind and we are trying to work out a plan to remedy it. (Originally I was going to teach him how to drive. I'd stick with that plan if we lived in the country, but city driving just makes me too anxious. I can get by as a driver, but I definitely wouldn't be a good teacher. So we're exploring other options. And by "exploring other options" I mean "not thinking about it until Scott gets a job because we imagine that third-party lessons cost money.")

Anyway, next time I think I'll stick to threatening to take away his Introvert Card, like I did last week when we were at coffee and donuts after Mass at Liza Jane's church and Scott kept striking up conversations with random strangers. I'd have been even more justified in this case, since introverts can be friendly with strangers but introverts by definition do not find socialization relaxing.

I mean, really.

*I prefer saying "doesn't drive" vs. "can't drive." "Doesn't" in my mind carries a connotation of "could, but chooses not to," which could be seen in a negative light but is still preferable to "can't," which connotes "is fundamentally incapable of." Kind of like how I switched from saying I "can't" sing to saying I "don't" sing, because I like the implication that I could someday if I wanted to.

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Scott said...

Visiting my family does not count as socializing, it counts as awesome.