Monday, April 23, 2012

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Sometimes, you are having a rather exhausting and frustrating day. And then you are making dinner and realize you don't have any cream of mushroom soup, which is an essential component in stroganoff. And you grudingly schlep your way to the nearest Aldi, make a beeline for the soup, and then head for the checkout, only to realize that there is only one cash register open and it is being used by two young guys who have about five zillion groceries piled onto the conveyor belt.

Just as you are resigning yourself to the Worst Evening Ever, they make it clear despite their heavily accented English that they want you to go on ahead of them. So you scoot past their cart and gratefully pay your 59 cents. As you are putting your change back in your wallet, you notice that the young gentlemen with the five zillion groceries have allowed another person to go ahead of them in line.

Perhaps not the Worst Evening Ever after all.

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