Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lo, I am a mighty hunter

Yesterday I did a massive stocking-up-for-Easter shopping trip. After I managed to cram everything into my tiny kitchen, I felt very accomplished and prosperous, so I decided to write a blog post about it.

Behold, my mighty Picasa captioning skills:
This is my "pantry." Really it is just a cabinet next to the fridge. I kinda wish I had a real pantry so I could hoard food for the apocalypse or something.

Top shelf commentary: There is normally a repurposed ice cream bucket full of hot cocoa mix next to the marshmallows. When I was taking this picture, it was on the counter so that I wouldn't forget to refill it. The vitamins are Wal-Mart brand children's chewables with extra iron, because I can't tolerate the taste/texture of any other vitamin. (Well, I can do Flinstones too, but those are more expensive.) I figure it's better to take somewhat inadequate vitamins than to take none at all. The cornmeal is in a bag because it was leaking. There is a 1/3 full bag of flour hiding behind the cornmeal which really should be in its own bag, but I'm making rolls for Easter soon and then there will be room in the flour canister.

Middle shelf commentary: Shortly after taking this picture, I went through and organized the spices into neat little rows instead of a chaotic jumble. The cream of mushroom soup is for stroganoff, which I am making tomorrow. The almost-empty containers of honey and cornmeal were from my mother so I could make cornbread without having to buy a big bag of cornmeal and a whole jar of honey. As you can see, I have remedied those deficits now.

Bottom shelf commentary: The orange box that I forgot to label is cornstarch. (Not to be confused with cornmeal.) I also forgot to label the baking powder, which says "baking powder" on it already anyway, and the baking soda, which is hiding behind the peanut butter. Scott brought those almonds into our marriage but then they seemed to aggravate his stomach problems so he hasn't been eating them. I like almonds, but not that much, so there are still a lot left.

This is the top of the fridge, where I store everything that's too tall to fit in the "pantry." The instant nonfat dry milk is for making cocoa mix.

This is my freezer, which is considerably less precarious than it was after *I* stuffed all the meat in there, because Scott went back and rearranged it all.

We bought a 10-pound roll of beef yesterday because it was $2.19 a pound if we bought it in the aformentioned 10-pound roll. (For 80/20 beef, if you're curious.) I made Scott cut it up into 1-pound increments before we put it in the freezer. Handling raw meat is a manly chore.

Somewhere underneath the pile o' meat are two bags of homemade cupcakes and a bowl of homemade frosting. I made those all on Mardi Gras and they've been waiting patiently since. I've been waiting less patiently for our reunion, let me tell you.

Also somewhere in there are 4 slices of homemade cheese pizza wrapped in tinfoil. That's Friday's dinner.

There are several other containers of the pumpkin puree, which I made myself from last year's Halloween pumpkins and which my mother allowed me to take with me when I moved out.

This is pretty self-explanatory. We got the ice from Scott's parents because the landlord recommended running some ice down the sink back when we didn't know why water was backing up into our dishwasher. It didn't work, of course, but Scott's parents also gave us an ice cube tray (hiding underneath the bag of ice) so now we will have ice of our very own forevermore.

This picture is pretty self-explanatory. I had gotten the hang of labeling by then.

The thick bread is for stuffed french toast, which I'm making for Easter brunch. So are the strawberries. The sparkling cider and red potatoes are going to be part of dinner. The candy is going to be for 1 a.m. on Easter Sunday. ;) (None of those are things we usually have on hand, which is why I point them out. Though I do snag strawberries whenever they're $1/lb, not just when they're $1/lb and it's a week till Easter. The rest of the things are pretty standard, except for the lunchmeat, which is an experiment because Scott asked for it and I'm sick of feeding him all the time so I don't care if lunchmeat is unhealthy. We'll see if it satisfies his desire for meaty lunches.)

We don't drink directly out of the water bottles; we pour their contents into cups. This way we get cold water without getting our germy mouths all over the bottles. Scott puts the lime juice into his water because he doesn't like plain water. It's 99 cents and lasts for months, so I'm happy that he's happy.

The bottom shelf is supposed to be for raw meat ONLY, so no icky disgusting juices get on anything else. As soon as I took this picture I put the mayonnaise on top of the sour cream instead.

Am I a mighty hunter or what?


Scott said...

For the record, I get the deli meat that's not as fresh as if you went to the deli to see it cut, but is nonetheless real and not that plasticky stuff that's aimed at kids. Not sure what's unhealthy about my kind.

The Sojourner said...

Also for the record, since I already told you this in person: I think my aversion was actually because I don't personally consider lunchmeat sandwiches to be "real food." In the same manner, I don't consider breakfast cereal to be "real food" even though the less sugary kinds probably aren't that much worse nutritionally than the toast I'm eating right now.

In other words, I use "unhealthy" as a cover for my weird food aversions.

Emily G. said...

Wow, you have the neatest freezer...don't ever look in mine. It's a disaster.

You can freeze butter, in case you didn't know that. If the stuff in your fridge is bothering you. I bought like 8 lbs of it last week, too! I don't know why it is so cheap but I'm loving it while it lasts. Wish gas was on a similar trend.

Happy Easter!

The Sojourner said...

Like I said, my husband fixed the freezer for me. My preferred method is opening it very carefully, grabbing the thing I want, and then shutting the door real fast.

Two of the boxes of butter are gone now. :/ I'm not sure if I should be proud of myself or deeply ashamed. (What's Easter without a pound of butter apiece, right?)

GeekLady said...

You're adorable! And yes, using a pound a butter apiece is appropriate for the occasion.

The Sojourner said...

It's been a long time since I've been called "adorable" but I'll take it. :)

If I ever get around to doing an Easter recap I want to do a breakdown of where the butter went. (For example: I realized that there were TWO AND A HALF STICKS in the homemade crescent rolls.)

Nora Roisin said...

Nice job! We usually store our syrup in our pantry closet (yay we have that. But it's awful, still) and our Worcestershire sauce in a cupboard... I never knew you had to refrigerate them. They stay fine, I think?

(Also, I'm reading your blog!)

The Sojourner said...

I can never keep track of what should be in the fridge and what shouldn't. (With obvious exceptions like milk and eggs and stuff.) When in doubt, I stick it in the fridge. Figure it won't hurt.