Monday, April 9, 2012

My sister is awesome

I want to update you all on the plants (I took pictures Saturday but didn't post them, obviously) and tell you about Easter and stuff, but first some awesomeness via Facebook status update:

Rebecca [Lastname]
March 30
Teresa is reading her bible story book to Matthew. She can't read so she's going by the pictures. "Adam was looking for a girlfriend, so God made a special woman named Eve."

Rebecca [Lastname]
April 5
TJ quote of the day: I love my baby brother, I didn' t want a baby sister after all, Matthew is way more cuter!

Rebecca [Lastname]
13 hours ago
Funny thing today: David [Lastname] hid the eggs for Teresa in the family room again this year. Well he's going to have to do something much harder next year. Teresa remembered the common hiding places and found 11 of her 12 eggs in under 1 minute.

Rebecca [Lastname]
11 hours ago
Teresa just did the funniest and most unique trying to delay bedtime and leave her room after being tucked in tactic ever. She was lugging her laundry basket down the steps, declaring she forgot to do her laundry and needed to do it immediately. There was maybe 4 pieces of clothing in the bottom of it.


Becky D. said...

This is why I rarely blog. You take all my good stuff.

The Sojourner said...

Maybe I take all your good stuff because you rarely blog.