Monday, April 16, 2012

Random update

On Thursday Scott and I drove up to my hometown. Early Friday morning, my mom had surgery. (She's doing about as well as can be expected, but prayers are always appreciated.) On Saturday Mom came home and I took Teresa to soccer practice. On Sunday everybody but Mom went to Mass and then Scott and I drove home. Today Scott and I finished our local taxes and dropped them off. Now he's at Schola and I'm supposed to be doing laundry or dishes or something, but blogging instead. And not even adding pictures to the big long Easter update I've been writing for the last five days. Nope.

Some random snippets:

Matthew seems to have accepted that Scott and I are his people. Last time we visited, I had to talk to him for a while before he'd smile; this past weekend he often smiled when I walked into the room. (No, you may not point out that maybe he's smiling more often for everybody. I AM SPESHUL!) Meanwhile, he continues to like Scott singing to him, except when Scott uses his real singing voice. (He tried to sing I think Ave Maria to Matthew, and Matthew burst into tears. Scott: "Sorry, I don't know the soprano part!") Scott's falsetto is a little grating; I kind of hope our future babies all burst into tears when he sings like that and like his real voice.

Matthew is five months old and has gray eyes. I am calling this a win for Team Blue.

(My dad has gold/turquoise eyes. My mom has light brown eyes. Andrea has dark brown eyes. I have gold/gray-blue eyes. My sister and I spent many years of our childhood asserting the superiority of our respective eye colors. Then Teresa came along with her dark gray-green/light brown eyes, and though I love her dearly I was saddened that Team Brown outnumbered Team Blue. However, light gray totally counts and now we're even again. Yay!)

(I should start a Team Heterochromia for we awesome people who have gold or green mixed into our primary eye color. Then Teresa can be on my team for once.)

Feeding baby food to babies is tedious. I announced to Scott that all our children will just nurse till they're five. (This is slightly hyberbolic.)

Bottles are also tedious. I wondered aloud several times how nursing could possibly be harder. (Dear Fate: Please don't answer that.)

Scott and I slept in the spare room, which has only one twin bed. Scott slept on the floor, because he is manly. Teresa climbed in bed with me every morning for about an hour before we went downstairs. I let her because I don't see her very often and she needs the snuggles, I think.

Scott quote: "Self-Cleaning Baby: Shoves his bib in his face after he's eaten!"

At one point, Teresa wanted help with a computer game and I was busy. This conversation ensued:
"Mommy could help, but she's not here!"
Me: "Maybe Mommy can help when she gets home."
T: "No! She's going to sit in the brown chair and we're going to bring her food!"
Me: "Oh, okay."
T: "And we'll make her tea if she gets thirsty."

Teresa had a new swingset installed last week. I actually like swings. Especially when I don't have to leave the house to get to them. I prefer to minimize leaving the house. (I think this is a side effect of being an introvert, but of course it could just mean I'm crazy.)

That is all I can think of. Now to see about that laundry...

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