Monday, May 7, 2012

Crazy fun weekend

This is about the last weekend in April. I have been too busy to finish it until now.

First things first: On Friday afternoon, Scott got a call telling him that he got a job!

Obviously, I cannot go into any great detail, but he is quite happy about the job and I am quite happy that we will have money again. I am less happy that he is going to be gone most of the day, but most couples don't get 5 month honeymoons so I can't complain.

Shortly thereafter Scott and I went to run errands, stopping by the gas station and then stopping by Bed Bath and Beyond to get Liza Jane a wedding present. Fortunately, the thing we planned to buy was on a display right smack in front of the main entrance. Bed Bath and Beyond is very large and scary. Also fortunately, we were able to get complimentary gift wrapping. So we did not become losers who fail to get wedding presents for our friends.

On Friday evening Grace arrived, and we had a very good time eating pizza and cake, both of which I made from scratch. The cake didn't turn out right at all--it has this weird dense texture--but it still tasted okay so we all ate it anyway.

On Saturday morning we all woke up very early. I made sausage cheddar biscuits for breakfast, which Grace and Scott both loved. (Actually, I mixed up the "dough" on Friday and on Saturday just had to plop it on the pan and bake it, which was nice because my brain had not totally come online yet.) Then we all got dressed in our nice clothes and piled in Grace's car (taking care to retrieve the wedding gift from my car) and drove off to Liza Jane's wedding.

It was a very lovely wedding, though I don't remember much in particular from the wedding itself. Apparently I was too busy trying to follow along in the missal booklet. (It was in the Extraordinary Form, which is why I had to work to follow along.)

Then we stood around outside the church having deep theological discussions with various college friends. (Well, mostly Scott had the theological discussions. At one point Grace and I had a deep conversation about grocery shopping.) Then we finally dragged Scott away from the discussion circle and drove off to the reception.

The receptions was LOVELY. I think I must have woken up at that point or something. There were some appetizers, including these really delicious grapes. I think we mainly hung out and ate appetizers and drank wine the first little while. (I didn't drink any wine because I didn't feel like it and also because I was super thirsty and had a feeling you aren't supposed to toss back a glass of wine in one gulp. I don't think Scott had any either. We're the most boring 22-year-olds ever.)

Then the wedding party arrived, and then there was some entertainment. One of Liza's friends is part of a dance troupe that does...historical dancing. I'm not sure what to call it. Anyway, they were wearing awesome fancy costumes and danced very well and it was pretty amazing. (One of the guys kept making me think of Nathan Fillion in the Firefly episode "Shindig"--a little bit of the way he looked and a little bit of the way he was dressed, I think.)

Then came the food, if memory serves. I gave my salad to Scott (I don't like dressing) and just ate 2 or 3 rolls. (We were at an 8-seater table with only 2 other people. There were lots of extra.) Then we got the main course. There was this absolutely amazing chicken alfredo (though Scott stoutly maintained that it tastes better when I make it) and roast beef and some sides that must have been unmemorable. But I seriously loved that chicken alfredo. Oh, and Scott got some lasagna. I don't know how that tasted.

There was more dancing from the troupe and some toasts and cake-cutting and first-dancing and such. Then at some point they FINALLY announced that we could go help ourselves to cake. (I really like cake, can you tell?) I ended up having two pieces, but Scott had none at all so it was perfectly fair. (He was still full from eating real food.) The vanilla cake was quite good, but it was the chocolate that really made an impression on me. There was FUDGE FILLING in between the layers!

Also, Elizabeth's cake looked very pretty before they cut it up. Much prettier than mine. And tastier. (I console myself with the thought that it was probably more expensive than mine.)

Then Elizabeth's friend (the one who was part of the dance troupe) started teaching everybody how to do the Virginia Reel. Grace had learned it previously somewhere or another, so she joined in the first time. Then she badgered me until I joined in the second time. At first I was opposite our friend Daniel, but then it turned out we were short a man so Daniel called across the room, "Scott! Come dance with your wife!" So Scott came and Daniel partnered with Grace and we all had a great deal of fun.

A little while later they had an "anniversary dance", wherein all the married couples dance and the DJ says, "Everybody who has been married less than [amount of time] please leave the dance floor." He started with "one day", which disqualified Liza and James, and then one year, which disqualified Scott and me, and then five years, which disqualified almost everyone. (Most of the couples there were about 25 years old with 1 or 2 children.) At any rate, I enjoyed getting to slow dance a little bit with Scott without having too much attention called to us.

Afterward Scott and I were talking to our friend Joe, who asked when our first anniversary would be. He was shocked when we reminded him it would not be until November. (Joe was even at our wedding, so he really oughtn't have been quite so surprised.) He remarked that it seemed like we had been married for a very long time. Scott and I agreed. It's funny, because usually when I look back I'm simultaneously surprised by how long a time it's been and how short a time it's been. You know, on the one hand: "That was five years ago? It seems like it was only yesterday!" and on the other "Only five years? It seems like it's been a lifetime." But I don't feel the first reaction when I think about being married to Scott. It just seems like we've always been married, and I can't believe it's only been five months.

Then we said goodbye to Liza and James and ended up standing around in the lobby talking. (Me, Scott, Joe, and Grace.) Somehow or other I ended up mentioning that I had baked a cake specifically because Grace was coming and I wanted to be hospitable. (I did not mention that the cake turned out weirdly.) Joe apparently thought this was amazing, since he proceeded to recite the entirety of Proverbs 31 from memory in honor of my womanly virtues. It was about one part flattering, one part embarrassing, one part hilarious, and one part just plain amazing.

Eventually I pointed out that we should let Joe drive home (I think he had a 6 or 7 hour drive ahead of him and it was about 5 p.m. at this point.) After much delay because we were still busy talking, all four of us got out the door and then Joe went his separate way and the other three of us returned to the apartment.

Somehow between the three of us we managed to muster enough energy to make chicken noodle soup. (Again, I had cooked the chicken and cut up the chicken and all the vegetables beforehand, so it was just a matter of throwing it all in the pot and letting it simmer a bit.) There had been some talk of going to see a movie or something, but we were all very tired. Grace ended up falling asleep on the couch at about 7 p.m. while Scott and I sat in the two chairs and had an extensive conversation about bus schedules during which we made no attempt to whisper. Grace did not wake up.

On Sunday we all got up at various times and ate leftover sausage cheddar biscuits. (Grace got up first; she was wide awake when I wandered out to the living room at 7:30-ish. Then again, she fell asleep first.) Then we wandered around vaguely and somehow managed to get ready for church. (We were all still tired.) We went to our usual 12:30 Mass. I drove because I know the way and the road is very tricky (you have to change lanes like 3 or 4 times each way just to keep going straight) and anyway Grace had done all the driving around the day before.

When we got back to the apartment we all ate leftover soup and then Grace packed up her things and I forced her to take food as presents and then she went away and we were all sad. :(

It was a very good weekend, but it seriously took till Thursday before Scott and I recovered. (He gets his introvert card back as a result.) More on that in my next rambly update post.


Scott said...

"Apparently I was too busy trying to follow along in the missal booklet. (It was in the Extraordinary Form, which is why I had to work to follow along.)"
I should've told you beforehand to ignore the booklet and see how much you recognise from having picked up most of your feeble Latin knowledge from paying attention at the Ordinary Form in Latin, although that probably works better if you used to attend the Ordinary Form in Latin regularly as a child.

"I don't think Scott had any [wine] either. We're the most boring 22-year-olds ever."
In my defense, the main reason I haven't tried much drink is that my brain is quite exciting when maximally sober. Rather like that one door, you know?

"At first I was opposite our friend Daniel, but then it turned out we were short a man so Daniel called across the room, 'Scott! Come dance with your wife!' So Scott came and Daniel partnered with Grace and we all had a great deal of fun."
I had initially thought I was still seasick from having eaten my fill and then done a moment of my signature American freestyle jig (which is more or less like an Irish jig without any of the actual rules, basically, but for which I don't have the stamina I used to when I was highschool-aged). Turned out I was well enough that the other dance reinvigorated me for the most part. There was a bit of spinning, which is great amusement for the sort of fellow whose brain is exciting when maximally sober.

"[later in another dance] At any rate, I enjoyed getting to slow dance a little bit with Scott without having too much attention called to us."
There should be more of that at parties.

Liza Jane said...


Wow, it's great to see what happened on the other end of my wedding!

1) I don't remember seeing you guys dance at all *holds up the exhausted bride that's been up over 12 hours with less than 3 hours sleep card* Hey, at least I spoke to you!

I've been too tired/lazy to post about my own wedding, I should get to that.

I have a bunch of other comments, but I suppose I'll leave those to the real world (much to your dismay)

PS: You used my *other* name a few times :p

The Sojourner said...

We will have to do much talking in person. Is it coffee 'n' donuts Sunday this Sunday?

I kind of wish I had sat down a day or two after my wedding and written EVERYTHING down, but I was way too tired and physically and emotionally and now I've probably forgotten half of it. Maybe I'll still try one of these days.

P.S. OH NO. I HAVE REVEALED THE SECRET! Nobody would have guessed your real name if I hadn't used it...