Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In which I pay $0 for sanity

Remember when I posted about how having to handwash the dishes was ruining my life?

On Sunday, we noticed that the drain on one side of the sink was clogged up. After some experimentation, we realized that we could use the right side of the sink but not the left side (where the garbage disposal is) or the dishwasher. WOE.

Our poor landlord apparently came back from vacation yesterday evening to find that he had a long list of plumbing issues from his various rental properties. Since we didn't have a main sewer line flooding our apartment like some people, we kind of got bumped down the list.

Tonight, though, the landlord was able to come by and unclog the drain.

I never thought listening to my obnoxiously loud dishwasher would be so soothing.

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