Thursday, May 24, 2012

In which I pay about $25 for sanity

We ran out of dishwasher soap last week. We really don't have any money left in our "non-food items bought at the grocery store" budget category, but I bought more dishwasher soap because having to handwash all the dishes was literally reducing me to tears on an almost daily basis. I can't believe I did that for the first 4 months of my marriage. The dishwasher doesn't always get everything clean, see, so I was all, "What's the point?" And I blamed the stress and tears on being newly married and not knowing how to do ANYTHING. Well, I'm not saying it was only doing the dishes that was causing me stress, but it can consistently push me over the edge and $3.50 is totally worth a week of not being consistently pushed over the edge, budget or no budget.

Also, I went about $20 overbudget buying groceries this month, despite my husband's mad meal planning skillz. I fully intend to make up the difference next month, but I am NOT beating myself up about it. Really. Am not.

This is where all the sane people are like, "Um, yeah, no big deal, why are you even telling us this?" Well, sticking to the grocery budget has become my Thing. For about 16 years getting good grades in school was my Thing. Then I graduated, so first I obsessed about sticking to my wedding budget (which I did, mostly because we scheduled it for a holiday weekend and less than 1/3 of the invitees came--please note I didn't schedule it for a holiday weekend because that would make people not come, it was just how things worked out for many reasons) and now I'm obsessing about my grocery budget and setting up increasingly hard rules for myself and being reduced to tears when I don't live up to my own inhuman expectations. I've actually fallen into the habit of asking Scott for permission to spend money, not because he's super strict (I wouldn't stand for that) but because he's way less strict with me than I am with myself and injects a tiny bit of sanity into the whole thing.

It's really fun being married to me, I'm sure.

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