Saturday, May 26, 2012

Seven Quick Saturday Takes

--- 1 ---
I always think it'll work better to start a Quick Takes post on Tuesday or so, because then I will be able to write down random things as I think of them rather than having to cudgel my brain for 7 of them all at the same time.

Turns out, you have to actually WRITE THE THINGS DOWN as you think of them. Otherwise you find yourself on Saturday morning trying to write a Quick Takes post so you can be part of the club and you think, "Man, I KNOW I came up with at least 7 super-awesome takes but now I can't remember any of them! All that work for nothing!"
--- 2 ---
I think these mints look like they would quite possibly be the most delicious things of all time. Scott is skeptical.
--- 3 ---
Did you know that Monday is Memorial Day? I didn't know until I read it on a blog somewhere on Thursday. And then Scott came home on Friday and mentioned offhandedly that he had Monday off work.

So now I am SO EXCITED. I like my husband.

Plus, the bathroom needs cleaning.
--- 4 ---
Scott and I have been married six months as of TODAY. I feel like I used up my daily allowance of capital letters on Take #3, but that's worthy of a few capitals. SIX MONTHS, and I have not yet murdered him for that annoying humming thing he does! (Have I mentioned that I'm really easy to live with? Just full of sunshine and light and patience, I am.)
--- 5 ---
I have either had a stomach virus or too-much-frosting-itis the last couple days (NOT PREGNANT) and I have therefore been Drinking The 7-Up.

See, Scott has this ongoing Weird Stomach Thing, so we keep some 7-Up on hand so he can, like, function as a human being.

I, on the other hand, have the stomach of a goat and also insanely high pain tolerance, so I have just had to pine sadly for the delicious carbonated sugary goodness that lives in our fridge.

(Actually, my insanely high pain tolerance is kind of irrelevant; I drink 7-Up so that I don't throw up because throwing up is the worst thing that could ever happen to you. If it was just that my stomach hurt I wouldn't care.)

(And don't tell me, "Oh, you'll have to get used to throwing up when you are actually pregnant." My mother was pregnant TWICE and threw up ZERO TIMES. So my illusions cannot be shattered.)

This is where I would make a joke about eating more frosting just to see if I can make myself sick so I can drink the 7-Up, but even I am not that addled by my love of excessive quantities of sugar.
--- 6 ---
There is this Schola of which Scott and his dad and two of his younger siblings are members. They are having an end-of-year swimming party (I think some family has their very own pool? So the tenors and basses don't have to wear blindfolds because of all the bikinis?) and potluck thing.

Thought the first: How much food does one bring to a potluck when you're instructed to bring "a dessert and a side?" Can I make a strategic alliance with my mother-in-law so that I can make and bring only one thing without feeling so guilty over rule-breaking that I can't enjoy myself?

Thought the second: If I bring a really good dessert, can I get away with NOT bringing a swimsuit?
--- 7 ---
I can't think of anything for #7. I'm just going to hit "Publish" so I can be free to read Pride and Prejudice fanfiction in my pajamas.

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