Monday, June 4, 2012

June groceries Part 1

Just because I feel like obsessively oversharing, here are pictures of the groceries I bought on Friday. :)

First picture: Raw meat. I love cooked meat, but I think raw meat is pretty much equivalent to radioactive sludge so I don't let it touch anything else if possible.

Bacon: 1 lb. for $2.99 at Aldi.

Pork roast: About 4 1/2 lbs. for $14.52 at Kroger. It was supposed to be $1.99/lb., but a certain someone who shall remain nameless can never remember to bring her Kroger Plus Card and didn't have her husband along as she usually does. A certain someone who shall remain nameless is still kind of upset about this.

Chicken breast: About 9 lbs. for $17.63 at Meijer. That's $1.77/lb, and Meijer doesn't require you to remember to bring little pieces of plastic. (Well, except the debit card, and I can remember that much.)

After this picture was taken I separated the chicken into 6 little baggies. This prevents having to pry apart a huge log of frozen chicken whenever I want to cook something.
 Here is a whole bunch of "stuff that needs to go in the freezer or fridge before it spoils/melts."

Green beans: Four pounds for $3.98 at Meijer. I was only going to get one bag, but when I saw that they were $1.99 instead of $2.19 I got two.

Milk: 2 gallons for $3.98 at Aldi. Yay Aldi!

Cheddar cheese: 1 pound for $2.99 at Aldi.

Mozzarella cheese: 2 pounds for $5.98 at Aldi. One pound is for pizza; the other pound is just because.

Ice cream: 3 quarts for $5.38 at Aldi. You can get 5 quart buckets for about the same price, but then you don't get fun flavors like mint and cookies-n-creme.

Orange juice: $1.29 at Aldi.

Lunchmeat: 10 oz. for $2.45 at Aldi. It's cheaper in 1-pound bags but Scott hasn't had roast beef in a while and that only comes in the little packets.

Pepperjack cheese: $1.99 at Aldi.

Cream cheese: $1.19 at Aldi.

Chocolate chips: $1.79 at Aldi.
Other stuff that goes in the fridge, plus bananas that go on top of the fridge so they can get brown and spotty so I can make them into muffins. (Neither of us likes fresh bananas, but we'll both eat banana muffins like they're going out of style. We're obviously soulmates.)

Bananas: $1.10 at Aldi. (29 cents a pound.)

Eggs: 2 dozen for $2.18 at Aldi.

Green apples: $2.99 at Aldi.

Carrots: Four pounds for $1.96 at Aldi.

Bread: $1.29 at Aldi.
Pantry stuff.

Nonfat dry milk: $6.99 at Aldi.

All-purpose flour: $1.58 at Aldi.

Creamy peanut butter: $2.29 at Aldi. (There is another Aldi about 1.5 miles in the other direction that sells jars of peanut butter twice that size for $3.50 or so, but it's not worth a whole separate trip to save 70 cents a month on peanut butter. I have to go to the peanut-butter-less Aldi because it's in the same direction as Meijer.)

Dill pickle slices: $1.19 at Aldi.

Cream of mushroom soup: 59 cents at Aldi. (We use it in stroganoff.)

Italian seasoning: 99 cents at Aldi.

Baking cocoa: $2.39 at Meijer.

Spaghetti: 2 pounds for $1.69 at Aldi.

Tomato sauce: 16 oz. for 58 cents at Aldi.

Marshmallows: 99 cents at Aldi.

Egg noodles: 99 cents at Aldi.

Total: $95.95

That's actually not bad. I'm shooting for $180 or so this month since I overshot last month. Usually I spend about $115 during my first shopping trip of the month, stocking up on meat and such. (Meijer has chicken on sale almost every month.) So I'm on track. Scott's birthday will probably ruin everything, but for now I'm going to let myself feel self-congratulatory.

To make this really fair, I should have taken "before" pictures of my food supplies so you know what I already have on hand. Oh well. Too bad for you.

Not pictured: AA batteries, lightbulbs, and a "2" and "3" birthday candle. "Non-food purchased at grocery store" is a separate line on the budget.

(I'm turning 23 myself in November, so I'll be able to reuse the candles. I wonder if the "2" candle will be able to last for 2 birthdays per year until 2019, when we both turn 30. Of course, by then I'm hoping somebody else will need a "2" candle, so we probably will have to buy another one.)


Scott said...

I like bananas. I just dislike sticky and like a lot of other foods (most of which are nonsticky) more most of the time.

The Sojourner said...

I should have said we don't like them *much*, probably.

Becky D. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Sojourner said...

I don't think that would work at the U-Scan. I could be wrong.

When I'm not using the U-Scan I usually rely on the person behind me offering to let me use their card. People are nice that way.

(One time somebody at college told me that if they do that they get more benefit points. I was like, "Thanks for destroying my faith in humanity.")

The Sojourner said...

By the way, Mom, sorry I deleted your comment. I was trying to edit it. (You really shouldn't post the name of your parish if you're going for internet anonymity.)

Liza Jane said...

You can use your phone number for the U-scan. All you have to do is, when you first are going in, select "alternate ID" and enter in your phone number and push enter. Then it will wait a second and say, "Welcome valued customer"

My card broke off of my keychain a few months ago and now I only can use my phone number. I'd say that it is great that this managed to teach my husband my phone number, but alas, I will be getting my new phone with appropriate area code in the very near future.

The Sojourner said...

0.0 I am amazed by this piece of knowledge.

I <3 the internet.