Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June grocery shopping and menu plan part 2

I bought these groceries last Thursday (5 days ago) but have been too busy to overshare until now.

Bacon: 1 pound for $2.99 at Aldi. (What? Don't tell me you've never gone through an entire pound of bacon in a week.)

Pork roast: About 9 lbs. for 15.67 at Meijer. (We did not go through the whole Kroger pork loin in a week. Our freezer is now full of pork.)

Vernor's ginger ale: $1 at Meijer. This was for a picnic; we don't usually buy soft drinks. (However, I plan to wholeheartedly enjoy the 1/3 of a bottle that was left over.)

Big K Lemon Lime: 87 cents at Kroger. This was to replenish our supply of medicinal pop. (Scott has stomach issues that are too complicated to explain here; pop sometimes helps.)

Parmesan cheese: $2.39 at Aldi.

Ranch dressing: $1.29 at Aldi. Also for the picnic.

Orange juice: $1.29 at Aldi.

Milk: $1.99 at Aldi.

Eggs: 4 dozen for $4 at Kroger. (I remembered to borrow Scott's Kroger Plus Card! Go me!)

Butter: 2 pounds for $4 at Meijer.

Chicken lunchmeat: 1 pound for $3.29 at Aldi.

Celery: 99 cents at Aldi.

Rice: 2 pounds for $1.92 at Meijer. (The 2-pound bag of Riceland brown rice is $2.19 or so. This is why you should always do the math instead of assuming the bigger bag is a better deal.)

Chicken bouillon: $1.49 at Aldi. (We keep bouillon on hand to make cups of chicken broth to drink. We also use it in soup and stuff.)

Brown sugar: $1.49 at Aldi.

Total: $44.67

Month-to-date: $140.62

As you can see, even while buying more meat for the stockpile I managed to cut my grocery bill in half between last week and this week. That's a fairly typical pattern for me. The question is whether I can get to the end of the month with $40. (My monthly budget is $200 but I spent about $220 last month, so I'm playing catch-up.) I still have Scott's birthday to get through.

Now for the meal list, since it would be a short and boring post by itself:

Breakfast: Banana muffins, boiled eggs / Leftovers / Breakfast with my family (Sunday)

Lunch: Lunch meat sandwiches; apples or baby carrots / Leftovers / Lunch with my family (Saturday and Sunday)

Dinner: Leftover cheese pizza (Friday) / Dinner with my family (Saturday) / Schola picnic (Monday) / Pork roast, green beans and bacon, parsley potatoes (Tuesday), Chicken alfredo (Wednesday)

Dessert: Cupcakes (I made extra)

As you can see, we had a bit of a weird week, visiting my family over the weekend and going to the Schola picnic on Monday. And I still had to cook today because we were out of leftovers. Woe is me.

Edited to add: I bought cream cheese last week thinking there was cream cheese in stroganoff. Turns out there isn't. (At least not in the recipe we use.) That's why we're having chicken alfredo this week. I don't meal plan around sales; I meal plan around my own absentmindedness.

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