Saturday, June 16, 2012

June grocery shopping and menu plan part 3

These groceries were bought this past Thursday with help from my friend Grace, because I am the kind of hostess who takes her houseguests on exciting outings. This week, all food was bought at Aldi.

 Milk: Two gallons for $3.98. Grace was very jealous of my milk prices.

Dill pickles: $1.19.

Orange juice: $1.29.

Corn: 99 cents. (Aldi should have a "dollar menu" like McDonalds.)

Shredded cheddar: $2.99.

Sliced monterrey jack: $1.99

Frozen strawberries: 2 pounds for $3.29. They changed the bag size and where it was in the store and I was all confused; I don't think that's really a good price even if you factor in the absence of stems. *sigh*

Smoked ham lunchmeat: $3.29.

Canola oil: $2.69.

Flour: $1.55.

Sugar: $2.88.

Oatmeal: $1.99.

Powdered sugar: $1.49.

(Can you tell I've been doing a lot of baking?)

Saltines: 89 cents.

Macaroni: $1.69. (For two pounds, mind.)

Tomato sauce: 3 cans for 87 cents.

Total: 34.05.

Month-to-date: 174.67.

I will certainly be able to pull off less than $200, but I don't think I can manage $180. Maybe I'll compromise on $190 and then shoot for $190 again next month. There are several things I did this month that used up a lot of money, most notable of which was buying that stupid pork roast at full price.

Now, meal plan! (I'm leaving out elements that are exactly the same as the last two weeks.)

Breakfast: Strawberry muffins.

Dinner: Macaroni and cheese (Friday) / Spaghetti and meatballs (Saturday) / Potato soup (Monday) / Southwest chicken (Wednesday).

Dessert: Still cupcakes. I'm making them last because I don't anticipate actually eating Scott's birthday cake. (He wants lemon; I don't like fruit-flavored cakes in general.) I guess we'll see.

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