Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June menu plan part 1

To go with yesterday's grocery shopping post.

Breakfast: Chocolate chip muffins, boiled eggs / Leftovers

Lunch: Lunch meat sandwiches, apples or baby carrots / Leftovers

Dinner: Cheese pizza (Friday) / Pork roast, green beans and bacon, rice (Saturday) / Chicken carbonara (Monday) / Stroganoff (Wednesday) / Leftovers

Dessert: Ice cream / chocolate pudding (made late last week)

If I were feeling all fancy I'd post pictures or recipes or something. But nope. Just a bare-bones menu plan.

(As I was proofreading this I realized that I forgot to get peas to go with the stroganoff. Oh well. We have green beans and apples and carrots and stuff; we won't die.)

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