Friday, June 15, 2012

Seven Quick Introvert Takes

--- 1 ---

On Saturday and Sunday, Scott and I went to visit my family. (As part of this, we were able to attend the Corpus Christi procession at my former parish, which was nice.) On Monday we went to the Schola end-of-year picnic. On Wednesday Grace stopped by for dinner on her way back from a job interview. We fed her, and then we sat around on our computers while she read books off our bookshelves. The next morning, after I got Scott off to work, she and I went grocery shopping together. Then she left. (I am a great hostess, aren't I?)

Meanwhile, Scott has been pining for Eldest Younger Brother, and he's annoying when he pines, so I suggested that he invite EYB over on Saturday. So not only will I have to deal with his presence (which is actually not that burdensome; he sits and plays videogames with Scott and doesn't bother me), I have to deal with the fact that the rest of my in-laws probably think I hate them since I never invite them over for intimate little one-on-one visits.

Being this introverted is hard work, y'all.

--- 2 ---

This Sunday is Father's Day. I just realized that we have not bought any cards or anything. *headdesk*

--- 3 ---

On the plus side, I did successfully order Scott's birthday present. I need to buy some lemons to make his lemon cake, and some rainbow sherbet, and possibly some other food. He has been vague about what he wants in terms of real food. My parents got him steak as a birthday present (*kisses in my parents' general direction*) so I might just cook up one of the huge steaks (there are 8 total, I think, and they are all huge) and serve it on a platter and call it good. Scott would actually probably like that.

--- 4 ---

I've mentioned Scott's weird stomach issues before. One fun facet of them: A few months ago fish started bothering him. So we cut fish out of our Friday rotation. Then earlier this month eggs started bothering him. So I stopped offering him eggs. ("Eggs": Omelettes, boiled eggs, etc. He doesn't seem to be bothered by my baked goods.)

Do you know how hard it is to make a meatless meal for somebody who can't eat fish or eggs? And then I feel like a failure as a human being because I can't provide my beloved with a healthsome breakfast so he can concentrate while he's out earning money so I can stay home writing blog posts and baking cakes.

--- 5 ---

My peas are officially dead. I am planning on replacing that regular Saturday feature with my "Here are the groceries I bought this week" feature.

--- 6 ---

Yesterday I actually published a post from my drafts folder. (Usually if I write a post and then put it in drafts so I can think about it some more, I end up not publishing it. This is probably a good thing, but let's pretend like it's a bad thing.) Ever since I've had Archibald the Asparagus in my head:

You can't say everybody's got a water buffalo when everyone does NOT have a water buffalo! We're going to get nasty letters saying, "Where's my water buffalo? Why don't I have a water buffalo?" And are you prepared to deal with that? I don't think so!

That fact inspires me to someday write a post about scripting. Don't hold your breath, though. I'll probably write that post and then put it in the drafts folder.

--- 7 ---

As of Tuesday it's been one year since Scott and I got engaged. (Yes, the priest let us bend the "6 months of prep" rule a little bit.) I feel like I should say something sappy here but the main emotion I have towards our engagement is relief that we survived it. Marriage, though? Marriage is great.

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Scott said...

Well, it all depends whether the rule is "notice six months in advance so you can plan out the prep" or "engaged six months in advance", the latter of which in turn depends what is technically "engaged" -- it does vary, even though everyone thinks they have a shared understanding it turns out that if you ask most people for details you get mostly different definitions.