Friday, June 1, 2012

Seven Quick Takes at the end of a very long week

--- 1 ---
As I type this, it's 7:59 p.m. and the cheese pizza is topped and cooking in the oven. 'Cause I didn't get home from grocery shopping until 4:45 and I couldn't mix up the dough in advance because I was all out of flour.
--- 2 ---
You know how I've been investing all of my self-esteem in the fact that I'm able to keep my grocery budget to $200 a month for two people?

Well, my mom told me about the Grocery Cart Challenge blog.

I am going to go die of shame now.

(Not really. I'm just being dramatic.)
--- 3 ---
On Wednesday night the Schola of which Scott is a member had a concert. On Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. Scott's dad (also a member of the Schola) called to suggest vaguely that they might be able to pick Scott up. Nothing in particular was decided, so we went into Wednesday with two or three different plans contingent on various things.

At about 10:30 a.m., Scott's mom called to say she was heading to the cardiologist and I should probably not assume that Scott's dad would be able to bring him any stuff or anything like that.

At about 1:30 p.m., Scott's dad called to say he was in the ER with Scott's mom and wasn't sure he'd be able to make it to the concert at all.

So I spent the afternoon checking Facebook for updates and making spaghetti and...I don't know. Probably reading blogs or something else critical like that.

At 4:30 I finished making spaghetti and suddenly realized there was way too much stuff still to do. In the course of 15 minutes I got myself presentable, put together a bowl of spaghetti with a lid for Scott and a bowl of spaghetti without a lid for myself, gathered up all of Scott's stuff (a change of clothes, since concert-wear is different than business-wear, and his book of music), got myself a book, and headed out the door. Then I got gas real quick because I was down to a quarter tank. Then I drove down to St. TwentyMilesAway, eating my spaghetti at red lights. (I do not recommend this. Fortunately, I was wearing a dress with little red flowers on it.)

Scott, meanwhile, was taking a bus from his office to St. TwentyMilesAway. After some confusion, we found each other at about 5:40. (The Schola was supposed to assemble for rehearsal at 5:30.) Scott got his clothes and found a bathroom in which to change while I just kind of hung out. Scott's dad, Middle Younger Brother, and The Only Sister showed up some time later. I was very happy to see them. Mrs. ScholaDirector showed up right behind them. Then Scott finished changing, so he was able to get up to the choir loft right as rehearsal was actually starting.

I sat in the pews and read Sense and Sensibility until the concert started. Just as it was starting, Scott's mom, Younger Elder Brother, and Mrs. YEB came walking down the aisle. I scooted over to make room for them and was very happy to see them too. Scott's mom whispered that she really wasn't supposed to be out and about, but she didn't want to miss the concert.

(Later: Me: "Did you know [YEB] and [Mrs. YEB] were coming?" Scott: "Yeah. I thought you knew." Me: "Um, no, because you didn't tell me." I wasn't mad, but I would appreciate not having to read minds. :))

So we listened to the concert and then we all went back to Scott's parents' house and hung out and ate ice cream and stuff. Then Scott and I got to bed way too late. And Scott ate his spaghetti for breakfast the next morning.
--- 4 ---
I don't really remember what we did yesterday. Scott went to work and then in the evening I think we just lolled around being tired and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oh, and I made muffins.

This really short take makes up for the obscenely long one that came before it.
--- 5 ---
Did I mention that Scott's mom is okay? I'd rather not post details because I don't know how much she wants the internet to know, but the immediate crisis was averted and we're all very relieved. But do pray for her if you get the chance.
--- 6 ---
It has been baking hot lately. My poor peas are very very sad-looking. I didn't post a picture last week because my camera ran out of batteries. I might not post one this week, either, because they just look so pitiful.

Then today it rained cats and dogs most of the morning.

Now I have an awful headache. Yay cold fronts. (Normally I like cooler weather, but not when it makes my intracranial air pressure all wonky.)
--- 7 ---

Here is a picture of my brother. I don't need interesting content if I have pictures of babies, right?
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Becky D. said...

The grocery challenge lady I've decided must have really little eaters, she gardens, and although she has talked about what she does for breakfast/lunches/snacks the challenge seems to be mostly for their dinners. There is my most serious answer for your just kidding remark.

I guess I need to blog if I don't want you to post the cutest photos of your brother.

Melanie B said...

That is one seriously cute baby photo. I said a prayer for Scott's mom. I'm going to avoid that grocery challenge blog. I'm feeling bad enough about my lack of ability in meal planning right now. Too often during the first trimester I break down and get take out and my budget goes out the window altogether. I can't even think about food.

The Sojourner said...

Meal planning and cooking is seriously like my job. I have no idea what would happen if I had 4 kids and another on the way. (Probably lots of frozen pizza.)

The Sojourner said...

...and then my husband would remind me that he can't eat frozen pizza and I'd irritably tell him that he's old enough to forage for his own dinner in the wilds of the fridge.

Melanie B said...

Exactly, it's a serious job and takes a lot of time and energy. And I've never got all that good at it. Just when I think I get a handle on it another kid comes along. ;) Then when I start to feel sick it just slides and everything falls apart. I buy food and then feel too sick to cook it or suddenly get an aversion to the dish I planned to make. It's a good thing Dom cooks or we'd seriously be in trouble. But during the week he usually gets home too late to cook dinner.