Sunday, July 29, 2012

Seven Quick Sunday Takes in which I am very busy

--- 1 ---

Two weeks ago, Scott and I spent the entire weekend away from home at a family reunion/picnic thing.

Last weekend, we drove 5 hours northwards for a wedding. On the way back, we had brunch with some friends whom we haven't seen in a while and then we had dinner with my family because they were celebrating my sister's birthday.

It sounds very not-crazy written down like that, but trust me. It was crazy busy and exhausting.

--- 2 ---

I insisted that this weekend we would do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And then yesterday I went to the library to return a book, we went to Scott's parents' to pick up some mail and got gas along the way, and we went to Confession and Mass. Plus we did all our regular chores and made dinner and stuff. And I ordered Scott two new polo shirts because they were on sale at Kohl's for $9.99.

Today, though, I didn't get dressed until about 1 p.m.

--- 3 ---

We got a new cell phone after 8 months of dithering about it. So now a) We have two cell phones and b) We have a cell phone with our current area code. (Hopefully. We haven't actually activated it yet.) Previously, our one cell phone was the one I've had since I was 15, which has the area code of the area just north of here, since I lived in that area code for my whole life up until last year (not counting college).

Due to web-ordering weirdness, we had to get the phone shipped to Scott's parents' house, which is why we bothered going up there to get our mail. Reminder cards from the allergist are not worth a whole extra trip, since we already know we're total allergist slackers.

--- 4 ---

On Thursday, Scott and I were both very tired when he got home from work. Scott: "We should stop both being tired." Me: "You first." (Proverbs 31 right here...) Scott: "Is there anything I can do for you?" Me: "Unload and reload the dishwasher." So he did, and it actually really helped the evening be more enjoyable for both of us. At least I think so.

Then yesterday he took out the trash without being asked and without even making a big deal out of how awesome he is for taking out the trash.

But wait, there's more! Then shortly after he woke up today (he woke up at like 11:30) he spontaneously wandered into the kitchen and started unloading the dishwasher. Me: "Are you unloading the dishwasher?" Him: "Yeah. I figured you were going to ask me to help anyway." Me: "I wasn't, actually, but let's go with that." So he went ahead and unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher.

My husband is awesome.

--- 5 ---

I have been sewing a birthday present for Andrea (it's a suprise...). Unfortunately, I sew at approximately the rate of glacial advancement, so it wasn't done last week. I am determined to finish it before I see her again this Wednesday, though. (She has a doctor's appointment down here in the Big City--totally routine; don't be alarmed.)

This is here partly because I am running out of Quick Take ideas and partly so that you all can hound me to post pictures once I actually finish.

--- 6 ---

As my contribution to the family reunion picnic mentioned above, I made this cake, but I halved the recipe and heavily modified the frosting (I think in the future I'll use a different cream cheese frosting recipe to begin with; I didn't like that one very much,) And I put on 13 stripes and 50 stars because if you're going to put 3 days of effort into making a flag cake you might as well do it right.

Here's a picture!

And a close-up of the bottom edge just because I think it looks particularly mouthwatering. (It tasted as good as it looked.)

Teresa was absolutely fascinated by this cake. After mulling it over for a while she decided that I must have bought it at a store. Maybe I should show her all the other pictures I have of me making it step-by-step.

--- 7 ---

Last week, I baked these muffins in an attempt to get out of my muffin rut. (We eat a LOT of banana muffins around here. Om nom nom.) 

They are delicious, but do make sure to heed the warnings in the comments about how these will overflow all over your oven if you're not careful. Because they will. 

On the plus side, I can add "Knowing how to clean an oven" to my list of Adult Skills. It's turning into a very long list.

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jen said...

i should really make an "adult skill" list. i'm 32 and still feel like a kid playing dress-up some days.