Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August grocery shopping and menu planning part 3

First: I was actually cleaning the living room on Saturday (nobody is more surprised than I am...) and found the receipt for the powdered sugar I bought that one time last month. It was 1.49, not 1.29. Fortunately, 20 cents won't break my grocery budget.

Now on to the actual post. These groceries were bought on Thursday, August 16.

Mik: $1.69 at Aldi

Lemon-lime soft drink: 87 cents at Kroger

Orange juice: $1.29 at Aldi

Sour cream: $1.29 at Aldi

Shredded cheddar: $2.99 at Aldi

Peas: 99 cents at Aldi

Eggs: 2 dozen for $2.30 at Aldi (Walgreens had them for 99 cents but they were out so I got a rain check)

Sausage: $2.29 at Aldi

Slice provolone: $1.99 at Aldi

Corn: 99 cents at Aldi

Fruits and veggies are all from Aldi.

Lettuce: $1.99

Grapes: 2 lbs for $1.50 (they did not look like that when I bought them; I was hungry)

Tomatoes: $1.49

Granny smith apples: $2.99 (Scott prefers red apples, but there weren't any good-looking ones. Poor him.)

Carrots: $1.29

Celery: 99 cents

Pickles: $1.19 at Aldi

Garlic: 99 cents at Aldi

Flour: $1.58 at Aldi

Egg noodles: 99 cents at Aldi

Cream of mushroom soup: 69 cents at Aldi

Diced tomatoes: 59 cents at Aldi

Dry red beans: $1.65 at Meijer (usually they're $1.50. Boo.)

Total: $34.62

Month-to-date: $175.96

Grocery > Other month-to-date: $33.61 (go me!)

Now a menu plan, for the first time in way too long!

Vegetable soup and garlic-cheddar biscuits (Friday) / Stroganoff and salad (Saturday) / Southwest chicken (Monday) / Pork roast, peas, garlic butter rice (Wednesday)

We'll probably actually have salad with our pork roast; we have a TON left and I am determined not to let it spoil. The peas will keep another week.

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