Monday, August 13, 2012

August grocery shopping parts 1 and 2

The first three pictures are from an Aldi trip on August 1. I had to go to Joann's to buy thread for my sister's tote bag and since we didn't have enough stuff to make anything for dinner I made a "quick stop" at Aldi. ("The Other Aldi", as I call it, is right next to Joann's.)

On August 3, the day after my sister got her tote bag, I went out again: To Meijer for chicken, applesauce, dishwasher soap, and laundry quarters (there's a bank in the store); to GFS for beef and those sponges with the green scrubby side; and to Kroger for vegetable boullion. (It seems ridiculous to go to a store and buy only one thing, but it was on the way back from the other stores at least.)

Total Week 1: $84.65

The next three pictures are from a combined Aldi/Meijer trip on August 9. I'm surprised by how few groceries there are; I wasn't feeling well that day so the trip seemed much more difficult and time-consuming than usual. (Side note: The eggs weren't on sale or anything; I just needed a lot of them.)

Total Week 2: $56.69

Month-to-date: $141.34

I'm actually lower than I was last month at this point, which I'll take as a sign that I'm at least not hopelessly off track. (I feel like I haven't been staying on top of stuff with all the busy-ness and being sick, but apparently I have this down to a science.)


Liza Jane said...

Props for the unsweetened applesauce. I've only recently discovered that not only is it 1 billion times better for you, it actually TASTES better because it tastes like APPLES (go figure)!

Liza Jane said...
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The Sojourner said...

My mother always got that kind; I can't eat sweetened applesauce. (Well, I probably could if I was starving, but I don't like it.) So it's hardly a virtue on my part. :)