Tuesday, August 7, 2012

July grocery shopping parts 3 and 4

I don't feel like doing a comprehensive rundown here, so you just get a quick summary. Maybe I'll start fresh with the more comprehensive posts in August, or maybe this has run its course as far as keeping my interest. This is my blog; writing should not be boring for me. (Reading can be boring for you, though. :))

The first three pictures are from Thursday, July 19:

Bonus: You get to see the cutting board that I almost set on fire. (It has since been thrown out. RIP pretty floral cutting board that matched our dishes!) Did I tell that story? I don't remember and I am too lazy to look through the last month of posts.

The only out of the ordinary thing this week was the Triscuits, which I bought because they are the perfect eating-in-the-car food. (I figured out recently that I think I get mild motion sickness while in the car, which is why I always want to eat nonstop during road trips. My brain says, "Bad feeling in stomach! Must be hunger!" I channel that urge with salty crackers, which actually seem to help, though that could be psychosomatic.) I know I mentioned that we went out of state for a friend's wedding on July 21.

Total this week: $29.47

Month-to-date: $178.41

The next two pictures are from Thursday, July 26.

The eggs were 99 cents a dozen, which is why I got so many.

The peaches were 99 cents a pound, because I can't justify buying fruit for more than that. Sometimes I get bored of apples and carrots so I buy something fun and eat it all. (Seriously, Scott didn't get any peaches. I think he doesn't like peaches? Let's go with that.)


Total this week: $18.23

Total for July: 196.64

Apparently I really can't force my grocery budget much below $200 without giving up stuff like ice cream and bacon. And I don't need my grocery budget to be below $200 that much.

As far as I know, I'm not going to have to do anything special food-wise until my own birthday in November (and possibly not even then; Matthew's birthday is the day before mine and I'm hoping we can go up to my parents' and do a double birthday party/mooch-fest). I should start accumulating things for Thanksgiving and Christmas, though. (I already have a can of pumpkin puree; my mom got a bunch of cans on sale last year and gave me one.)

Edited to add: We literally didn't spend any money for food during the weekend away except for that box of crackers and ingredients for some muffins that I would have made anyway. Other than that we had my parents' food, wedding food, and hotel continental breakfast.We also went out for lunch with some friends on Sunday but our friend Peter insisted on picking up the bill. (I must admit I didn't argue too much, even though he's at least as poor as we are.) My budget would seriously be shot without free food provided by other people.

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