Friday, August 10, 2012

Seven Quick Takes of Mostly Awesome Stuff

1. I was going to write a long woe-filled take about how the stars aligned just the wrong way and it took me literally an hour yesterday to find Scott and pick him up after he was deposited by the bus (he fell asleep and missed his usual stop, etc., etc., and then I cried) but when I was deleting the five messages from Scott off our landline's voicemail this morning I also discovered one from my friend Grace. Of course I had to call her back, and we ended up talking for an hour and I felt much better and now I don't care enough to type out the whole saga. Which is good because this is supposed to be QUICK takes.

2. To counteract our Fail-A-Palooza of yesterday evening, Scott and I unclogged the sink drain all by ourselves this evening. The sink is kind of cantankerous and we've had to call the landlord to come fix it at least 3 or 4 times since we moved in 9 months ago. But now we are REAL grown-ups and can do it ourselves! *pats self on back*

3. After Scott finally got home yesterday, he told me that at a meeting at work his higher-ups mentioned that since the team does such valuable work for the company they have decided to extend all the contract workers' contracts to the end of the calendar year (Scott's team is almost entirely contract workers). Then at the end of the year they'll reevaluate and decide if they want to hire the contract workers as regular full-time employees.

My response was "A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's written on", but I'm actually terribly excited. If Scott's contract really does get extended to the end of the calendar year that's 3 more months of financial solvency for us, which is always nice, and then a full-time job after New Year's would be even better. (Scott LOVES his job, so no worries about trying to find a better one, at least for now.)

(For those of you just tuning in: Scott does computery stuff. Databases and automation and blah blah blah.)

4. Yesterday my mom happened to be on Craigslist and found a dining room table and four chairs for $50 in the next village over from my hometown. (My hometown is a city, technically, but almost everything else in the county is a village.) She offered to go pick it up for me so of course I said yes.

So now I have a table and chairs. (My mom is driving all the way down here tomorrow to drop them off.) I'm sure my in-laws will be very happy to have their card table back. And I'm happy that I was able to bend reality to my will by saying "I won't spend more than $50 on a table and chairs" and then waiting until a set that met my specifications magically appeared.

5. I spent most of the afternoon reading this post and the associated comments and laughing hysterically. It makes me nostalgic for the days when my older sister and I used to run around doing violent things to each other. (My mother has been frequently heard to lament that she had ONLY GIRLS and yet we were ridiculously physically aggressive. Meanwhile, my husband has five brothers and somehow does NOT have fond memories of all of them beating each other up. Or really any memories of that at all. Apparently they just yelled at each other a lot. So much for that boys-are-violent theory.)

The post also makes me want to teach Teresa some of the less violent games, like The Upside-Down Game. (That game involves hanging off the living room furniture with your head on the carpet commenting to the family members who aren't playing the game, "Why are you upside-down? Why are you walking around on the ceiling?" until the blood rushing to your head makes you woozy and you have to slither off the furniture and roll around on the floor laughing. Good times.)

6. I am trying to think of interesting things I did this week. I think I'm having some kind of allergy flare-up/sinus infection/bubonic plague, because I have been moving SOOO SLOOOWLY the last few days. It makes it hard to get anything interesting done.

7. I did cook some stuff, which is really an accomplishment when you can't wash dishes because your sink is backed up and the piles of dirty ones threaten to eat you whenever you walk into the kitchen.

Here are some pretty pictures to distract you from my blogging ineptitude.

Fried pork chops. They taste at least as good as they look.

Banana bread (because the muffin tin was dirty), which came out of the loaf pan ALL IN ONE PIECE!

See? I am AWESOME.

Garlic-parmesan breadsticks that I made on a whim yesterday because we had leftover spaghetti sauce but no spaghetti or meatballs. Scott and I sat on the couch dipping breadsticks in spaghetti sauce and watching The King's Speech. It made the evening go from terrible to kind of nice.

Tomorrow I'm making chocolate cake. Just because I can.

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Scott said...

"...Databases and automation and blah blah blah."

I have a source of errored SQL and a source of unerrored SQL, because I'm a SQL sorceror.

The Sojourner said...

I love you.

Scott said...

I think that might've been supposed to be "I've" rather than "I have", but now I can't remember.

I love you too.

Becky D. said...

Will the cake be ready when I'm there?
Maybe I can trade you some CC cookies Andrea made the other day if they're not gone in the morning, they disappear fast and I've been restraining myself.
Great job news!
Did you just make the pizza crust recipe for the breadsticks?
Oh and thanks for noticing my QT's I was proud I did them all by myself even though I couldn't figure out how to get a title.

DavidD said...

Teresa already plays the upside-down game. I think it must be instinctive; I used to play it too, except that I played it walking around--you have to take big steps to go over the threshold when you walk into a room....

The Sojourner said...

Mom: Yes, I just made the pizza crust, sprinkled a little garlic and parmesan on it, and baked it for about 15 minutes instead of 10.

Dad: It must be another of those universal games. Scott and I were talking yesterday about how the Burning Lava game seems to be some kind of human universal, even though nobody consciously teaches it to their children. (I was trying to think if Teresa ever played that, but I KNOW she played the River game, which is basically the same. The blue carpet in the room at the top of the stairs was water and the bed was land and she and I could spend quite a while falling in and drowning and having to rescue each other and revive each other with CPR. It was less fun for me since I'm old and decrepit, but still. Good times.)

Scott said...

Playing the upside down game walking around works better with a mirror to look in so you see the ceiling below you. (Yes, I did that.)