Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September grocery shopping and menu planning part 2

These groceries were purchased on Thursday, September 13. (Yes, I went 12 days in between shopping trips. Did you see how much food I bought in the first trip of the month?)

Milk: $1.69 at Aldi

Corn: 99 cents

Frozen strawberries: $1.99 at Aldi

Mayonnaise: $1.99 at Aldi

Orange juice: $1.29 at Aldi

Cream cheese: $1.19 at Aldi

Lunch meat: $3.49 at Aldi (I was very offended that the price of lunch meat went up 20 cents.)

Sliced cheese: $1.99 at Aldi

2 pounds shredded cheese: $5.98 at Aldi

Raspberries: $5 at Meijer (I was SO EXCITED, you guys. I don't get out much.)

Apples: $4.58 at Meijer (99 cents/lb)

Bread: $1.29 at Aldi

Grapes: $1.50 at Aldi

Broccoli: $1.69 at Aldi

Eggs: $2.78 at Aldi (That's 1.39 per dozen! Aldi was not winning my loyalty this week.)

Flour: $1.58 at Aldi

Tomato sauce: 87 cents at Aldi

Basil: 99 cents at Aldi

Chocolate chips: $4.71 at Kroger (That's $1.57 per bag; cheaper than Meijer's sale price of $1.69 a bag. And I didn't have to buy 10 to get that price. I don't know if Kroger brand chocolate chips are any good, but I'm willing to sacrifice for science.)

Brown sugar: $1.39 at Aldi

Dry kidney beans: $1.19 at Kroger (My mom tipped me off to the fact that they're cheaper at Kroger than Meijer. You know you take frugality way too seriously when you get excited about saving 31 cents on dry beans.)

Total: 48.17

Grocery > Other total: $15.76

September month-to-date: $157.09

Grocery > other month-to-date: $25.16

Now, on to the menu plan!

(There were breakfasts and lunches and snacks, but I don't feel like listing those. We buy enough food that you believe me when I say we eat like it's going out of style, right?)

Friday, September 14: Homemade macaroni and cheese. It occured to me that there should be a vegetable, but there was not. Bad Megan.

Saturday, September 15: Midwest chicken. Beans are a vegetable.

Sunday, September 16: Chili and cornbread. Again, beans are a vegetable. I meant to make this Monday night but then we had a pizza party with the schola on Monday night instead, so I planned ahead.

Wednesday, September 18: Chicken alfredo and steamed broccoli. I had to promise Scott that the broccoli would not go IN the alfredo sauce before he'd agree to this. I will report back on whether he actually eats the separated broccoli.


GeekLady said...

You can add thawed, chopped, well drained frozen spinach to home,ade macaroni and cheese. My mom uses this recipe, with the hotness somewhat reduced: http://www.food.com/recipe/cherokee-grill-macaroni-and-spicy-cheese-with-spinach-287479

We may like things spicy, but this is too hot even for us. I believe she halves either the red pepper or the Tabasco.

Becky D. said...

-2lbs of cheese for 3.98 If your Aldi has that price please buy me some and bring it this weekend.
-Also you have the totals listed as August totals not September.
-I buy the small red beans in place of kidney beans. I think they cook better than kidney beans but I have a hard time with kidney beans not being mushy.

The Sojourner said...

Geek Lady: I do not think I would care for that. Thanks for trying, though.

(Really, my food aversions are the stuff of legends. My mom should come back to this comment thread and tell you all about them.)

Mom: 1) Um, I think that's a typo. The shredded cheese is 2.99, not 1.99? I think? It's been a long day. I'm barely holding on to coherent English; numbers went out the window hours ago.

2) That's definitely a typo.

3) I didn't have a problem with them, but I'll keep that in mind. I think they had the red beans for the same price.