Friday, October 19, 2012

Seven Quick Mid-October Takes

--- 1 ---

My little sister, Teresa, is six years old today. I'm feeling less of the usual "She's growing up TOO FAST!" thing today. Maybe the difference between six and five is less than the difference between five and four. Maybe she just seems to be growing up slowly compared to Matthew. (Babies are so disconcerting. One day they're all tiny and squishy, and then less than a year later they are crawling around at lightning speed and  kind of saying words and...It's ridiculous.)

--- 2 ---

Last weekend, Scott and I were up in my hometown, so we went to Mass with my family. Teresa sat next to me, partly because she thinks I am awesome, and partly (no doubt) because that way she was way on the opposite end of the pew from Mom and Dad.

At one point we were having a (quiet) conversation about Father purifying the vessels, and she commented knowingly, "He's drinking God's blood, but it tastes like wine." (Over lunch afterwards, I asked her where she learned that and she said "Jesus told me." I think Mom told her a couple of times as well, but hey. Maybe she DOES talk to Jesus.)

On the other hand, during Mass she asked me if Halloween was the day Jesus rose from the dead. So I don't think I should rest on my godmotherly laurels just yet.

(Halloween and Easter both have candy, so they're totally the same thing, right?)

--- 3 ---

My mother wants me to mention here all of the free food we've been getting in the last month. So:

1) Almost two weeks ago, we went out for ice cream with Scott's family in honor of Middle Younger Brother's birthday.

2) A week ago, we went to spend the weekend with my family and got lots of free food, including takeout pizza and even more ice cream. Also, my grandmother treated us to a buffet lunch on Saturday.

3) Scott's Team Mom* keeps a bowl of candy on her desk and strongly encourages people to eat it so that she doesn't have to. But then as soon as it gets low she buys more. This behavior puzzles Scott, but I don't care because it means he occasionally brings home candy for ME. I love candy.

*Scott's coworkers are all 20-something men with the exception of one 40-something woman. Judging from the stories he tells, the group dynamic is pretty hilarious. (Yes, he really does call her "The mom of [his team]", when he's not calling her by her name.)

--- 4 ---

Remember the part of the last take where I mentioned takeout pizza? You should; you read it like 10 seconds ago.

Okay, now remember the part where Scott gets very ill if he eats takeout pizza? (Homemade pizza, for unknown reasons, doesn't bother him at all.) You might not, since it's been a while since I mentioned that.

Well, my mother is a generous soul and decided to order something different in the hopes of hitting upon something Scott can eat. So she ordered some kind of chicken pizza with tomato slices and a garlic-butter sauce in place of tomato sauce.

Scott ate three pieces. He loved it and was fine, not sick at all.

His stomach is weird.

--- 5 ---

This week, I relapsed on the going-to-bed-on-time front, staying online until after 11 two nights in a row.

I felt SO awful, you guys, which gives further evidence, I suppose, that my late-night surfing is a contributor to my chronic tiredness and anxiety. Obviously I'm a slow learner, though, since I did it two nights in a row.

--- 6 ---

I made apple crisp this week for dessert, even though we still have a fair number of chocolate chip cookies left. I didn't make any muffins, though, since we still have banana muffins that need to be eaten.

I have been experimenting with dinner as well. On Tuesday (I have gotten thrown off my usual dinner schedule by all the free food) I made soup with ground beef, egg noodles, carrots and celery, and onion and garlic for seasoning. It was very good, but didn't last long enough.

Then yesterday I made a sort of stir-fry with pork, rice, broccoli, and soy sauce. It was good, but too salty. I think I will try to salvage this batch by making up some more plain rice and mixing it in to dilute the flavor. In the future I will remember that a little soy sauce goes a long way.

--- 7 ---

It's bad when you get gas for $3.49 and think what an awesome deal that is.

Also, ground beef was up 20 cents a pound yesterday. I was disappointed, but my budget isn't too tight so I bought it anyway. Bacon is up too, but fortunately pork loin and chicken breast still come on sale regularly. 

To make up for the boringness of that take, here is a picture of a messy baby. (Mom gave him a cereal bar to keep him occupied on the way home from the store, apparently.)

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Liza Jane said...

When it comes to sugar (and most food, actually), you have to pay attention to whether it is processed or not. The sugar in milk is NOT PROCESSED. YES, they USED to add sugar to milk to get kids to drink it more. But now, they don't (read the ingredients label, maybe I'm naiive, but it would have to be there if they added it).

Speaking of diets, I lost 10 pounds on the "my spiritual director is missing and feared dead so I can't eat" plan... it's not a plan I recommend... but I have been able managing to keep most of it off. The secret to that, I found is that even though I'm eating more fast food type stuff this past week, I haven't been drinking soda at all, just water at work, and milk when I'm home, and I've stopped snacking... it's apparently making the difference.

Liza Jane said...

I put this comment on the wrong post... crud.

The Sojourner said...

Trust me, I am not going to stop drinking milk because one book said it has too much sugar.

I just checked my milk and its ingredients are "milk" and "vitamin D3". In case you are curious.