Friday, November 2, 2012

Threeish Quick Gloomy Takes and Four Birthgiversary Takes

--- 1 ---

Ever have one of those days when you burst into tears because of a song on the radio?

Me neither. }:^|

(My brother-in-law invented that. He calls it "The Vulcan emoticon! The only one you'll ever need!")

--- 2 ---

Don't you hate how by the time you're old enough to do whatever you want, you're old enough to realize you shouldn't be doing it?

In addition to my recent discovery that I can be a civilized human being if I go to bed by 11:00, I discovered that I can actually feel semi-normal if I don't eat carbs. (By not eating carbs I mean I restrict them to 30-40% of my calorie intake. Stop clutching your pearls.)

Exhibit A: I stopped eating carbs a couple of weeks ago and experienced immediate relief of some annoying physical problems I will not describe to you all.

Exhibit B: On Wednesday I had five pieces of candy. FIVE. And two of those were tiny little Starburst candies. (I also ate more tortilla chips than were strictly necessary to go with my nacho dip. That didn't help. Altogether I estimate that I bumped my carbohydrate intake to 50-60% of total calories, which is actually within USDA recommendations instead of below them.) Yesterday, in addition to being violently ill, I was a sobbing ball of anxiety all day long. I am exaggerating only a very tiny bit.

So when I dragged myself to the store to buy groceries, I bought some smoked sausage stuff and some pepperoni. And told Scott that he was not allowed to even THINK about eating them. (He gets the munchies at midnight and instead of eating carbs like a normal person he vacuums up all the meat in the fridge. It's annoying.)

I was all excited and optimistic for about 2 seconds. Then I accidentally had some smoked sausage this morning as a snack, instead of eating cheese or tuna or something. So now I'm even more depressed because eating high-protein ruins my religious life. (Updated later in the day: I skipped dessert and eventually felt better about my life. Probably due to not getting the carb-hit of dessert.)

--- 3 ---

I started NaNoWriMo yesterday. It's actually going fairly well, but I've got a whole lot of room still to crash and burn.

(That's how pessimists brag. "I haven't crashed and burned yet!")

--- 4 ---

Scott and I decided to get Matthew this for his first birthday (November 16). By "Scott and I decided" I mean that I decided, asked Scott if he had a problem with it, and when he said no took care of the order process myself. In this case, "taking care of the order process" meant that I asked my mom if she was ordering anything from Amazon, because I don't believe in paying shipping for Amazon products ever but you can't get Super Saver on a $16 order. Fortunately, my mom was just getting ready to place an order, so we both got free shipping and I don't have to remember to bring anything along when we come visit. Win!

It's a grossly age-inappropriate present and he will probably eat it, but I always wanted one of those wooden train sets and what's the point of having a little brother if you can't live vicariously through him? (I'd buy trains for Teresa, but she's not the "sit quietly and build things" type, like I was.)

Anyway, by the time Matthew is 3 and can actually play with wooden trains, his penny-pinching sister will have managed to round up a fairly large set piecemeal. I do not see how this could be a bad idea.

--- 5 ---

I told Scott that for my birthday (November 17) I want him to make me a lasagna. This is because I would not enjoy a present that required taking money out of our funds, unless it is something we are going to buy anyway, like food. (He might also "get" me a new watch, since the battery in my old one died.) I think Scott has also promised some Calvin and Hobbes reading.

Meanwhile, my mom wants me to give her "fun" gift ideas, and I have very few ideas. Saving money is fun. Other than that...

I am not even 23 yet and I'm already a boring old person.

--- 6 ---

We are going to Scott's parents' for Thanksgiving. Younger Elder Brother and his wife are coming over as well. I am actually kind of excited. I think my general enthusiasm over Thanksgiving (BEST! HOLIDAY! EVER! How did Puritans come up with such amazingness?) is overshadowing any in-law anxiety I might otherwise have.

My mother-in-law has not yet replied to my offers to help cook, but hopefully I will succeed in gaining a backstage pass to the kitchen. For one thing, I handle social situations better when I have a defined role, like "cook the potatoes." For another, I want to agitate for things like real mashed potatoes and no glazes on meats. (In her defense, my mother-in-law has never put a glaze on a meat in my presence. But you never know when mothers will get fancy ideas...)

(I can gag on cue just thinking about cranberry glaze. *gag, gag*)

--- 7 ---

To round out the Trifecta of Novemberly Awesomness, Scott and I will be celebrating our first anniversary on the 26th. (The Trifecta includes my birthday, Thanksgiving, and our anniversary. Matthew's birthday is awesome too but doesn't count.) So far we have no plans except making beef stew out of steaks. Go ahead and clutch your pearls over that one; I am pretty sure it will be delicious and don't care if that's not the right way to cook steak.

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Becky D. said...

That glaze is so yummy, maybe you should try it now that you're an adult.

The Sojourner said...

Should I be happy I'm not coming to your house for Thanksgiving?

Becky D. said...

I was thinking about making Thanksgiving dinner for the 18th. Don't worry though the red currant glaze is cornish hen glaze not turkey glaze. I like my turkey and it's stuffing pretty boring.

Becky D. said...


Melanie Bettinelli said...

If there's one thing pregnancy and morning sickness have taught me it's to be aware of my carb intake and its effect on how I feel. I still eat too many carbs sometimes--ok often-- when I'm not in the first trimester throw up if I eat carbs stage; but at least I recognize that I feel bad when I do.

If you ate the sausage while not remembering that you aren't supposed to, don't feel guilty. Just resolve to try to be more mindful in the future. It's not like you said, "Hey, it's Friday but I'm going to eat meat anyway because I feel like it."

Matthew will probably appreciate the train sooner than you think. At 20 months Anthony would absolutely adore it. And even sometimes get it to run on the track. And make animal sounds at the actual animals.

It doesn't seem like it's really been a year already. Happy anniversary in advance.

The Sojourner said...

Considering that I get like this when I'm not even pregnant, I should probably start resigning myself now to the first trimester being a carbless desert.

Intellectually I know that about the Friday abstinence, but I'm a bit scrupulous at the best of times and when my anxiety goes up scrupulosity does too.

That's nice to know about trains. :) Like I said, right now he's in the "eating everything he can grab" stage, but babies develop so freakishly fast that for all I know he'll be out of that again by the time his birthday comes around.

It doesn't seem like a year to me either. I have no idea where this last year went. (Then again, I also have no idea where 2011 went. I need less busy-ness in my life or I'll have no memories at all.)