Friday, December 21, 2012

Seven Quick Christmas Takes

--- 1 ---

Matthew's adoption is FINALLY finalized! It took place over the phone (because it had to be finalized by a judge in the state in which he was born, but my parents weren't keen on driving all the way back there), so my parents' end of the call had to be witnessed by a notary, so they drove down to their insurance agent's office. I drove up and got to have lunch with them and witness the finalization and still get home in time to pick Scott up from the bus stop.

Anyway. We're very happy.

--- 2 ---

As of about two days ago, I was totally freaking out about Christmas presents. I had presents for my mom and siblings but none for anyone else, and there are a lot of anyone elses.

On Wednesday night, Scott spent ages on the phone with his family having a long back-and-forth discussion about what all his younger siblings wanted for Christmas. I eavesdropped on his end and opened up tabs on my browser as I heard him mention things, so once he got off the phone I'm like, "Okay, want me to click 'Order'?" So now we have a group gift for his siblings on the way. We still don't have anything for his parents, but they decided they want an Epiphany gift rather than a Christmas gift, so I'm not stressing.

Oh, and I got my dad a present while I was out shopping on Thursday.

--- 3 ---

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Scott's mom had to have gallbladder surgery a few days after she found out her brother had brain cancer. She is apparently recovering well, since she was able to fly out and be with him for the last week or so. She's coming back the day after Christmas, which is one of the reasons the holiday celebrations on that side are probably getting deferred to Epiphany.

Anyway, prayers for her and her brother and for safe travels and non-delayed flights and all that would still be appreciated.

--- 4 ---

I just remembered that THREE members of Scott's immediate family have birthdays in the next 9 days. I need to drag him out to select birthday cards...

--- 5 ---

Scott's paternal grandparents are basically the most adorable couple ever. (The other set died long before either of us was born, so I don't know if they were likewise adorable.) For the last two Christmases (and remember I've only been married 13 months), they've sent me my own personal Christmas card, with money inside, signed, "Love, Grandma and Grandpa [Cobbler]." Scott gets a separate but equal card.

My grandma just sent us one card, but she was not ungenerous with her enclosure either. I think she gets the "most adorable widow ever" prize.

(Please note that I don't think money = love, but I thought it worth mentioning that I'm a 23-year-old grandchild-in-law and I STILL get money.)

--- 6 ---

Speaking of money, I went out yesterday (to a million stores, in the cold, cold rain...) and got all the food I need for the rest of the month. My total grocery spending for December? $173.69.

I think I've been sticking pretty well to the budget even without my weekly spending updates, don't you?

--- 7 ---

I was just thinking about how I'm going to be happy to have Scott home for 4 days in a row after this evening, and remembered that I never told y'all that his contract got extended! As much as I like having him around, it'll be nice for him to still be employed after the New Year.

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Melanie Bettinelli said...

Yay for Matthew!
Your grocery bill for Decembercis lower than mine for this week. I know you're feeding two and I've got six. Still.

The Sojourner said...

Yeah, I think multiplying by six means you're allowed to have a bigger number than multiplying by four and a half. :)

The Sojourner said...

I just told my husband he should comment on my blog 'cause I like comments and he said, "I'm refraining from commenting because I don't want to point out that you multiply two by three to get six."

Me: "No, because you...OH."

Apparently I can only do addition.

Becky D. said...

I was trying to figure out your math when I saw the comments but decided not to try. See you soon.

The Sojourner said...

Yeah, my version of "math" causes mathy people to shake their heads in despair and go eat more Christmas cookies.