Friday, January 18, 2013

Seven Quick January Takes

--- 1 ---

Matthew was finally baptized on Sunday! It was pretty awesome.

--- 2 ---

I made the cake myself.

It doesn't look bad, if I do say so myself, and it tasted AMAZING.

(It's Devil's Food Cake on the inside, which led to lots of jokes about how it was an inappropriate Lutheran cake.)

--- 3 ---

Teresa had a nasty stomach virus the week before the baptism, but she was all non-pukey and energetic by the baptism, so Mom figured she wasn't contagious. (Mom pointed out that you KNOW Teresa is really sick when all she does for 2 days is lie around meekly asking for popsicles. Being still and quiet are just not her things.)

Well, she was still contagious. I woke up on Tuesday feeling like death, made Scott's lunch, drove him to the bus stop, and then decided that I'd try the "sleep all day" method of curing illness instead of the "do everything the way you normally do, just feeling worse" method. I think the sleep one works better.

Scott likes it better too when I just sleep instead of touching all his stuff. He annoyed me Tuesday morning by commenting that he hoped he didn't get sick from eating a lunch that had been packed by a sick person. He redeemed himself shortly thereafter by concernedly telling me that I should call the doctor if I felt very sick and should call his mom if I wasn't sure. (Me: "I have a mother too, you know." Him: "I know, but yours didn't use to be a nurse.")

Anyway, I felt about 50% better by Wednesday morning and pretty much 100% better by Wednesday night. Scott feels fine so far, so we'll see if his caution about germs actually pays off.

--- 4 ---

You'd think I'd have more to blog about after pretty much not posting for a month, but apparently not much bloggable has been happening in my life. Howzabout I brag about the awesome Christmas presents I got instead? Not socially acceptable? That's okay; this is a blog for people with stunted social skills. 

A. My parents got us a printer. We've had it for four weeks, but I am still handwriting my grocery lists because the printer is still in its box. It's been kinda a busy month.

B. My sisters got me cookie cutters, awesome Christmas-themed sprinkles, and a stainless steel rolling pin of such weight that you'd think it was particularly intended for hitting intruders on the head. I suggested this theme because my mother asked for stuff that was "fun." instead of just boring. I have not yet had an opportunity to bake anything cookie-like, but I will do so and report back at some point.

C. Scott's parents got us a gift card to Half-Price Books and a crucifix. (One of those ones that are made from wood from olive trees in Bethlehem or some such.) The latter package was dropped off for us post-Christmas; when we opened it privately later on I commented, "Because the one thing we need more than more books is more crucifixes!" Scott replied, "Now we have a crucifix for every room in our future house."

This is why this is a blog for the socially incompetent.

(We like both gifts a lot, in case you couldn't tell.)

C2: Scott's parents also got me this as a belated birthday present. It is cute and wee and really, really sharp. I love it.

D. Younger Elder Brother and Mrs. Yeb, who hosted the Cobbler family holiday get-together, got us an Amazon gift card. You can't go wrong with Amazon gift cards; not in my book, anyway. (I brought them fudge. I hope they liked it.)

--- 5 ---

A while back, Scott's dad was talking on Facebook about a robotics team that Youngest Younger Brother is on. (Mr. Cobbler is one of the assisting grown-ups.) Scott commented, "It's cool that the robots can do that, but do they know how to make the robots do this other thing?" Mr. Cobbler replied, "Thank you for volunteering to teach them! You can email Mr. D___ to let him know you'll be helping out."

So Scott asked for Mr. D___'s contact info. -.-

Anyway, between that and Schola he's been gone three nights this week, and he'll be gone all day Saturday. I miss him lots. Fortunately, the robotics thing only lasts for about another month.

--- 6 ---

While we were visiting for the baptism, Teresa dragged me off to her room and told me we were playing doctor, which involved me lying down on her bed and letting her poke me with glittery pinecones. It was actually kind of restful, as far as playing with Teresa goes. (I love that kid to bits, but she's pretty intense.)

At the end of my "appointment", she handed me an envelope with scribbles on the back.

Me: "What's this?"

T: "It's your prescription."

Me: "What's it a prescription for?"

T: "Lots of rest."

Me: "Oh. Can I pick that up at the pharmacy?"

T: "Yes."

If she actually learned how to manufacture that, she'd make a mint.

--- 7 ---

Over Christmas, Scott kept staring at me and smiling, so I asked him why he was doing that and he said, "I just realized that my life is like Homestar Runner's grocery list."

(You should watch that whole video; it's funny.)

On that note, see you again whenever I feel like scraping together another seven quick takes.

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Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

Number five is a bit of a paraphrase. I think all I asked was whether they'd be programming it.

More importantly, there's the backstory: I programmed a robot to play Tic Tac Toe for my senior project in college. Or, you know, whatever the associate's degree equivalent of a senior project is.

The Sojourner said...

Yeah, it was meant to be a paraphrase.

And I've mentioned your robotics escapades on here before. :)