Friday, January 25, 2013

Seven Quick Takes with a prayer request at the end

--- 1 ---

Scott has been home sick all week. He's finally on the mend, but now I am crazy behind on dishes and laundry and all that stuff, and we're out a whole week's pay. It's not as big a deal as it might have been since January was going to be a 5-paycheck month, but there's a lot of things I could have thought of to do with that extra paycheck.

In case you didn't pick up on it, this is how I express concern for my husband, by grousing about something other than his illness. *grouses about money some more*

--- 2 ---

My total grocery spending for January was $184.80. I was shooting for under $180, and I would have done it too if Meijer hadn't gone and put fresh strawberries on sale. I cannot resist the lure of 5-for-5 strawberries even in the face of a $0 paycheck.

--- 3 ---

Last week, Kassie Rutherford posted about writing and challenged her readers to come up with a writing goal.

So I said I'd finish speed-editing my 120k-word monster of a novel. (Speed-editing means that I correct the most egregious typographical errors so that my poor beta readers don't commit ritual suicide while reading my work.) The last speed-edit of this novel took about 2 weeks, but a) It was about 35k shorter then, and b) I wasn't dealing with baptisms and multiple rounds of stomach flu.

Anyway, last Friday I had edited only about 20k, making my goal of sending it off to the betas by February 1 seem hopelessly out of reach. Now I'm up to about 70k. Counting today, I've got 7 days to get through those last 50k.

Who thinks I can do it?

--- 4 ---

Last night, we had chicken parmesan for dinner and almost immediately afterwards my mouth was all itchy, like I'd gotten a bad sunburn on the lower part of my face. 

I am not too concerned about this, considering I've been eating chicken parmesan for years and haven't gone into anaphylactic shock yet, but I find it curious and am making a note of it so I can observe it for science.

--- 5 ---

Since I was old enough to use the toaster myself, I have preferred very very pale toast. I want my bread warm and crunchy; I don't want brown spots on it. This annoys my family because sometimes I forget to set the toaster back and they also forget to check it before they put their own toast in and apparently putting your toast in twice is a lot of work. But that's not the point.

Several years ago, I was visiting my grandmother and I made myself some "toast". She looked at it and commented that my grandfather had always liked his toast like that too.

My grandfather died almost 2 years before I was born. My dad likes his toast dark. So there's no way I could have picked up the behavior. It makes me wonder if food preference is somehow genetic. (With recessive genes and everything, apparently, since this toast weirdness skipped a generation.)

This random quick take brought to you by the tuna salad on "toast" that I am eating for lunch.

--- 6 ---

Matthew updates, courtesy of Facebook:

He folds his hands during the before-meal prayer without being prompted.

He still stuffs everything in his mouth. (This week, my dad was prompted to comment, "Matthew's got a screw loose!")

He knows how to push chairs across the floor, but hasn't figured out how to climb on them yet.

He LOVES throwing things in the toilet. Like rosaries. (Catholic parenting problems...) And the handset for the old cordless phone that kind of needed replacing anyway.

This is all making me wish I lived a lot closer. Toddlers are my favorite.

--- 7 ---

Remember Scott's uncle who was diagnosed with brain cancer back in November? Well, Scott and I just found out yesterday that he died on January 7. Scott's mom is in Colorado for the funeral. Prayers for the repose of J's soul and for Scott's mom's safe travels would be appreciated. 

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Anonymous said...

:-) My grandfather died when I was four, so I only have the vaguest memories of him... But there are many, many food tendencies I somehow picked up from him.

DavidD said...

"Dark" is a relative term--I would call my toast medium; I used to eat lightly toasted bread as a child--but still toastier than the warm bread that some people call toast.

Also, my mother has different memories of my father--I don't remember him eating light toast; I do remember him burning french toast, though, and calling it "golden black".

Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

" that my poor beta readers don't commit ritual suicide while reading my work."

The Sojourner said...

Dad: But did he *eat* the golden black toast? ;)