Friday, February 22, 2013

Seven Quick Food-ish Takes Featuring a T-Rex

--- 1 ---

Scott's outpatient procedure went fine. The worst part was the ice storm that blew through in the wee hours of this compulsive 15-minute cushion was actually useful because it took both of us working full-speed for 10 minutes to get the car free of its icy prison. The roads weren't too bad, though.

Also, Scott doesn't do anything interesting coming off anesthesia. He just acts like you woke him up from REM sleep and then doesn't remember anything afterwards (apparently he doesn't remember much between going under at 7:30 in the morning and waking up in his own bed at 2:30 in the afternoon). But sometimes he doesn't remember things that happen when he's woken up from REM sleep either. (He might deny this, but he wouldn't know, would he?)

--- 2 ---

Shortly after the procedure was first scheduled, we discussed soft foods. I suggested applesauce and yogurt. Scott said I should get "kid yogurt" because we both like the texture better. (Really. The texture of regular yogurt is just gross. Kiddie yogurts and smoothies are where it's at.)

So yesterday at the store I picked up some strawberry Dora The Explorer yogurt. And it is awesome. (Yes, I picked up enough for me. It's not fair that I don't get any yogurt just because I didn't have to have a gastrointestinal procedure, right?)

I commented on Facebook that it felt like I should have a tiny plastic spoon for my yogurt, and two of my friends commented: "Did you check your backpack?" and "You did, but it got swiped."

My friends are awesome.

--- 3 ---

I showed Scott the "former meth lab house" (mentioned in this take) and he thought it looked pretty awesome, albeit with terrible paint.

We're crazy, but we're crazy in awesomely compatible ways. :)

--- 4 ---

I discovered this on Facebook the other day. I think it's basically the funniest thing ever. I made sure to show it to Scott, since one of his favorite movie characters of all time is Rex from Toy Story. ("I can't press the fire button and jump at the same time!") He was suitably amused.

--- 5 ---

Last July, I made these muffins and they spilled all over my oven and made a horrible mess and traumatized me. (No, really. I'm easily traumatized.)

Well, a couple weeks ago I started cutting up some sad and wrinkly apples we had in the fridge and decided that it was time to try apple muffins again. So I did, incorporating some of the suggestions provided by the highest rated negative commenter. (I made 12 muffins and reduced the butter in the topping. I used lots of apples, though, because I like my muffins fruity.) And they turned out awesome. I'd post pictures, but my camera is like 4 feet away and I have a migraine so I don't want to move more than necessary. They basically look like the picture on that recipe page anyway.

--- 6 ---

Yesterday, we had chili planned for dinner. Halfway through browning the beef, I realized that the only beans we had were dry. In the pantry. Uncooked.

It turns out you don't actually have to follow the directions on the bag about soaking and simmering and all that junk. Boil those suckers for an hour or two and toss them in your chili and it totally works.

--- 7 ---

I asked Scott what else I should post about and he said that the only interesting thing he's done this week is taught himself network programming. I'm not actually sure what that means, but I think it has something to do with how he proudly announced earlier that he can now code a browser from scratch and code a server from scratch. Apparently we like making things from scratch around here.

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Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

More specifically, we like being able to make things from scratch in case we ever come up with a reason to. (I actually have no plans to make a browser or a server, but I was trying to find out how to do something server-like and for lack of a good Windows-compatible network programming library in C++ wound up teaching myself the essentials of network programming in general. But if I ever need to, now I know...)

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