Friday, February 8, 2013

Seven Quick Takes in which we remember that wishing for blog fodder is unwise

--- 1 ---

This past Saturday I made some last-minute plans with two of my household sisters. We went out to the mall and had hot chocolate/frozen yogurt (I was warm in the crowded mall) and got caught up. Sister 1 lives on the other side of the state, but was in town for a wedding. Sister 2 lives in Romania (she works at an orphanage there), but was visiting her family here for the holidays. Anyway, an offhand Facebook status resulted in us making plans to get together. It was pretty awesome.

At one point, we got on the subject of culling the Facebook friend list--because there's always that person you had to do a group project with freshman year and haven't spoken to since. I mentioned that sometimes the little birthday reminder feature in the upper corner will offer up a name and I will think, "Why are we friends? I don't even like you." and defriend them about a week later, because defriending somebody on their birthday is a little mean.

Sister 2 thought that was hilarious. "I don't even like you," she repeated to herself, laughing loudly.

Social awkwardness: Half the time it makes people mad at you, and the other half of the time they think it's hilarious.

--- 2 ---

On Sunday, I was very tired. I needed to make dinner, but the kitchen was a mess. So I asked my husband to unload and reload the dishwasher. And he did.

I made pork chops, and then ate a pork chop, and then Scott went to get himself a pork chop and discovered that about 3/4 of the pork chops were...not done. (I must need to visit the optometrist, because they looked done to me.) He pointed out this fact and I whinily replied that I was too tired to deal with it. So he re-cooked them all himself. Then he convinced me to sit and read Calvin and Hobbes with him to make me feel better.

Also, on Monday he brushed the snow off the car without even being asked. (Most days, I go down and warm up the car while he gathers up his stuff and therefore brush the snow off myself, but on Monday he was ready faster than usual.)

I think I'll keep him.

--- 3 ---

Middle Younger Brother went to a scholarship competition last week. The presenters kept talking about how even if you don't win, it's still good to come because you make lifelong friendships at these things. My mother-in-law kept telling everybody that they weren't kidding when they said that; one of her older sons had met his wife at a scholarship competition.

I just think that's cute.

(Six years today. I wonder what 17-year-old me would think of everything that happened in the last six years.)

--- 4 ---

This is random (as if anything on this blog isn't...) but have I mentioned that I LOOOOOVE the shower here? It's about eleventy billion years old, which means that it's not environmentally friendly, which means that it can get up enough water pressure to actually produce a nice soothing massage effect. I am going to be seriously upset when we have to leave this apartment. (We have no immediate plans, but realistically a 1-bedroom apartment is not going to be our forever home.)

Incidentally, Scott and I are in for a rude awakening when we start paying our own water bill, aren't we?

--- 5 ---

Last night Scott and I watched Jumanji, as part of my project to make him culturally literate. (Cultural Literacy Lesson 1 was The Lion King. Seriously, he was 23 years old and had never seen it! His first reaction was, "And you think Majora's Mask is trippy." But he liked it in spite of the psychedelic musical numbers.)

Anyway. Scott liked the movie and thought it was hilarious and now he knows what I mean when I say, "We don't have to do it all at once. It's not like Jumanji." Ironically enough, that's usually what I say when we're starting a movie at 9:00, but last night we decided to stay up until 11:00 to watch the whole movie in one go anyway.

--- 6 ---

Tonight, I was going to pick up Scott from the bus stop as usual. I tried to unlock the doors using the little keychain remote and it didn't work. "Huh," I thought, "perhaps the remote is out of batteries." So I unlocked the door with the key (rockin' it old school over here) and tried to start the car.

It wasn't the keychain that was out of battery power, as it turns out.

I called Scott's family and his mother agreed to go fetch him, and then I called AAA and the nice AAA man came and jumped my battery and reminded me to not leave the headlights on all day. (The auto headlights aren't working right. Yeah, we're going to get it looked at.)

It actually turned out to be kind of a non-event. It makes me feel like a Real Grownup--look at me dealing with my non-starting car like a boss! Granted, Scott's mom did help us out, but if she hadn't been available he'd have just had to wait a few extra minutes in a nice warm fast food place. (It's even a fish place, so if he'd been starving to death he could have gotten a nice Friday dinner while he waited.)

--- 7 ---

Matthew would like you to know that he takes breakfast very seriously.

Also, he is almost 15 months old and still has ambiguously light-colored eyes. I am calling that a win for Team Blue. (Dad and I have blue eyes; Mom and Andrea have brown. For some reason Andrea and I were always really competitive about this. Then Teresa came along with brown eyes and the delicate balance of the universe was temporarily disturbed. But now Matthew makes us even again.)

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Postscript to my husband: I ended up deleting the take that had a Stranger Than Fiction reference. No scavenger hunt for you.

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