Friday, March 15, 2013

Seven Quick Takes in which I complain a lot

--- 1 ---

I actually started a Quick Takes post last week that had some Deep Thoughts in it, but then this week totally kicked my butt, and I don't have the mental energy to edit any kind of profundity. So.

THIS WEEK, YOU GUYS. *headdesk*

The first thing was a tangle of technological problems. About a week and a half ago, my laptop's power cord abruptly stopped working. I was able to limp along for a while borrowing Scott's cord, but it wasn't an ideal solution for lots and lots of reasons, so I was very glad when my mother stopped by and dropped off the power cord for my sister's dead laptop. (Mom was going to be in the city anyway; she didn't make a special trip just so I could surf the internet to my heart's content.)

Now my laptop's wireless card or some such thing has decided to join the party. I'm not computer-savvy enough to really know. All I know is that I get internet for about 2 minutes out of every 3, which works okay, I guess (I just have to hit "refresh" a lot), unless I'm trying to listen to music on YouTube or something. It's still very annoying, and the fact that I've been having hardware problems suggests that my 6-year-old laptop is on its last legs. (Software problems Scott thinks he could fix by reinstalling Windows.) I don't even want to think about whether buying a new laptop when this one dies would be a financially prudent decision. (We can afford it, but "paying off student loans" is a little higher on the priority list, you know? Shoot, buying a new car to replace the 10-year-old car that's currently on its last legs is a higher priority.)

As a result of having his power cord commandeered, Scott found out that his computer's battery isn't functioning properly. New batteries are relatively cheap on Amazon, but it's still MONEY. We've had lots of little things happening this month that cost $30 here and $20 there and it gets a bit overwhelming after a while, you know?

--- 2 ---

A week ago, our microwave broke. It was a hand-me-down from Scott's brother and we've used and abused it for well over a year, so it wasn't too surprising, but I'd still rather it had limped along for a few more months. I am actually getting pretty good at reheating things on the stove, but that produces DISHES and dirty dishes are the bane of my existence. (Seriously. You know how a lot of women complain about endless mountains of laundry? Laundry is a breeze. DISHES ARE EVIL AND BREED LIKE RABBITS.)

We made halfhearted attempts to see if anyone had a free microwave lying around, but nobody did, so we ordered ourselves a new one. It shipped yesterday. I am regretting making Scott order it (my spotty internet was making web shopping literally impossible), because that means I cannot obsessively track the package to see when my microwave-less purgatory will end.

Updated to add: Scott just gave me the tracking info. MY MICROWAVE IS IN KENTUCKY, YAY! (It started out in Georgia.)

(For those of you who are just tuning in or not very good at context clues: I live in a state that's just north of Kentucky. In fact, I can drive to Kentucky from here in less than an hour, unless traffic is really bad. YAY KENTUCKY!)

--- 3 ---

Scott got the results from his outpatient procedure that I mentioned some weeks ago and had to meet with his doctor to Discuss Medication Options. That actually ended up being a non-event, but it was very much weighing on me until Wednesday evening.

Actually, I should probably not say yet that it's a non-event. We'll have to see if this medication WORKS before we breathe a sigh of relief.

(I am going to insert a note about how much I love health insurance here. It makes essential medications cost $10 per month instead of $100+. Definite sigh of relief there.)

--- 4 ---

Okay, even I feel sick of listening to all my complaining after that. So: NEW POPE, YAY! I don't really know anything about Pope Francis except the fact that he's a Jesuit, and I have an unaccountable fondness for Jesuits. I think that I am under the impression that every Jesuit with a foreign name is actually from the 1500s.

On Wednesday I made a really ugly cake to celebrate, because it seemed like the thing to do. See, here's the cake:

It is white because the Pope wears white. I know, lame, but what do you want me to do when it's late and I just got back from a Discuss Medication Options doctor's appointment and I don't have a microwave?

It tasted good, anyway. And there's still half of it sitting in the fridge waiting for Sunday.

--- 5 ---

Pinterest meals of the week:

A. Chicken gnocchi soup. I pretty much followed the directions, except I used whole milk instead of half-and-half because I am too lazy to figure out how to use up the rest of a container of half-and-half.

It was very good, but next time I think I will try two things. First, I will use two cups of spinach instead of three. Three were too many. Second, I will attempt to make my own gnocchi. (This will probably end in disaster.) Storebought gnocchi just lack a certain something.

Amusing side-note: I had to buy a whole bag of spinach to make this, but I don't like spinach very much. My mother-in-law commented on my Pinterest activity on Facebook and I "jokingly" suggested that I'd lend her 2/3 of a bag of spinach. She responded that she loves spinach.

Bet she didn't think she'd actually be getting a bag of spinach after robotics one day, but so she did.

B. Parmesan crusted pork chops. I cut out a lot of parts of this recipe...I just dipped the pork in egg and then dipped it in a bread crumb/parmesan mixture. And then fried it in olive oil, of course.

It was good, but surprisingly boring. It tasted, as you might expect, like pork with cheese on it. I don't need Pinterest to tell me that you can stick some cheese on meat. I do that all the time when I'm bored and can't think of anything else to eat.

Still, Scott liked them a lot and we need more pork recipes in the rotation, so I'll probably keep making them and just fiddle with them a bit to see if I can make them less boring.

--- 6 ---

Scott and I saw this as a bumper sticker yesterday. I hope the driver of the other car noticed us pointing and laughing.

I should also take this opportunity to highlight T-Rex Trying, a site that Geek Lady shared in the comments on my last post featuring a T-Rex.

--- 7 ---

As I sort-of mentioned above, my mother and siblings came by on Tuesday. Andrea had a consult with a neurosurgeon downtown (she's fine, her VNS just needs a new battery), so I watched the little kids for about three hours.

Mom brought a vanload of toys, but the thing that kept them occupied longest was raiding my pots-and-pans cabinet. (Matthew also liked turning on the dishwasher. I discouraged that. If he was tall enough to load and unload it, though...)

Here is Teresa trying to look fierce while wearing a mixing bowl as a helmet and using a pot lid as a shield.

And here is Matthew looking painfully adorable while wearing a very crooked helmet.

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DavidD said...

Matthew's eyes look so blue it that photo.

The Sojourner said...

I know! It makes me happy.

Victoria K. Johnson said...

re #2, apparently I have a special tone of voice that I *only* use for washing dishes and doing laundry. ^_^

The Sojourner said...

I usually do laundry and dishes first thing in the morning. (After I drop Scott off at the bus stop, and check my email, and so forth, anyway.) So no one is around to witness whether I do anything odd in the process. :)