Friday, March 22, 2013

Seven Quick Tired Takes

--- 1 ---

This morning, I was thinking, "I should start a Seven Quick Takes post today so I'm not scrambling for ideas on Friday."

At about 2:00, I realized that TODAY IS FRIDAY.

It's been another one of those weeks, internet.

(Relatedly, I think I should get some kind of Catholic cred for the fact that I prepared and ate meatless meals for 6 hours before I consciously realized it was Friday.)

--- 2 ---

I have been doing really badly at two of my three Lenten resolutions. On the bright side, one of the two failures led to some really useful self-knowledge, so maybe God is okay with that.

Also, maybe God gets that I've had enough penance that's NOT self-imposed.

--- 3 ---

On that note, please pray for the resolution of some possible medical issues that have come up over here. (It's seriously been rather hydra-like for us this Lent.) Nothing life-threatening, so my mom should put the phone down and stop freaking out, but just...wearying. I'm super tired of doctor's offices and pharmacies and phone calls. (The phone calls are going to be the death of me, seriously.)

Also, I'm sorry I have to vague it up. I'd blog about this stuff if I could, trust me.

--- 4 ---

On a lighter note: Our new microwave arrived last Saturday! I like it a lot. It is already much dirtier than it is in these pictures.

The plate was not included, of course. I just stuck it in there to illustrate that this microwave is JUST the right size for our dinner plates.

--- 5 ---

Scott got his learner's permit on Saturday. He didn't study for the test at all and I was worried until I remembered that he's passed it about 3 times before.

Incidentally, we went to a fair bit of trouble to make sure we had his birth certificate and social security card...and then we get there and they want proof of address too.


Fortunately, we got the nicest DMV lady in the entire city (I'm guessing), who said that I could go back to our apartment REAL QUICK and get proof of address and we wouldn't have to re-wait in line.

So I drove back home, shoved the giant FedEx box inside the door (our microwave arrived while we were chilling at the DMV), grabbed a utility bill, and drove back to the DMV. That all took only 10 minutes. I am a master of efficiency.

Stay tuned for further adventures as we try to actually teach Scott how to drive.

(Side note: I was under the impression that there was no point being too hasty, since he turns 24 in June, but it turns out that your license doesn't ACTUALLY expire on all birthdays divisible by 4. I checked--I got my current license about 2 months after I turned 22--'cause of getting married--and it expires when I turn 25. I feel like I've been lied to all my life.)

(Side side note: 24 seems so old. That's like mid-twenties. When did we get old?)

--- 6 ---

Yesterday, I was at Meijer and found a HOLLOW DARK CHOCOLATE BUNNY. Do you know how many Easters I have spent wishing that such a thing existed? Now I can spend the next 9 days in blissful anticipation of how awesome it is going to be.

Relatedly, I have spent $206.40 on groceries so far this month. *cone of shame* I will do better next month.

(I don't plan on buying any more food before April, incidentally, so hopefully $6.40 will be the extent of my budget transgressions.)

--- 7 ---

For my seventh take, I present Cute Sibling Pictures, Then And Now Edition.

The first picture is from early July of 2008, when Teresa was 20 months old. 

The second picture is from early March of 2013, when Matthew was 15 months old.

(My mother should chime in and tell us if Matthew really is 5 months ahead of Teresa's growth curve, 'cause he certainly looks about the same size as she was.)

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