Friday, April 5, 2013

Seven Quick Easter Takes

--- 1 ---

I am in a bit of a sugar-induced jittery fog right now, so if these takes are even more random and incoherent than normal, that's why.

Also, it's APRIL, which means EXCITING THINGS ARE HAPPENING SOON. The Only Sister is getting confirmed in less than a week (yes, on a weeknight; no, I have no idea why they do that), and then on April 26 Grace is coming to visit me. *happydance*

Also, last night I actually managed to catch Emily on Skype and we had a lovely chat and got caught up on each other's lives. I still need to drag her out here for a visit sometime, but progress!

--- 2 ---

Here is a picture of my dark chocolate bunny:

And here is a picture of The Ugliest Carrot cake ever (cake and frosting recipes from Danielle Bean; mediocre frosting job from yours truly):

--- 3 ---

Here are pictures of our real food (ham, mashed red potatoes, green beans with bacon, crescent rolls, and sparkling cider):

--- 4 ---

Here is a picture of my brother wearing a sweater-vest:

And here he is being excited about candy:

And playing on the slide:

--- 5 ---

Here is my sister holding a giant bunny she got from our uncle several years ago:

And here she is playing with a new bubble wand thingy:

--- 6 ---

I do not have any pictures of it, but Mari sent me a new chapel veil. (She won a whole lot of them on eBay and didn't want this one.) I like it and it is very pretty and it arrived just in time to debut at the Triduum. I will have to convince my husband to take pictures of me at some point.

--- 7 ---

A couple of days ago, Scott brought home a mini-Snickers from work. He took it out of his laptop bag (or his jacket pocket or wherever) and gently tossed it across the room at me, hitting me lightly on my well-padded leg. 

I affected great offense and told him sternly that he was not allowed to throw chocolate at me under any circumstances.

Now I'm thinking I might regret that rule someday. 

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DavidD said...

That's not being excited over candy. That's spontaneously making praying hands at the mention of the words "Happy Easter", which he did at least twice with no prompting. Matthew the Pious, I called him.

The Sojourner said...

I think he's also excited about candy. I mean, look at that face!