Friday, April 26, 2013

Seven Quick Takes with aesthetically pleasing pork chops

--- 1 ---


I didn't post last week mostly because my internet was mostly dead for about 3 days but also because last week was something else, you guys. The kind of something else where I go to the doctor's office twice and the hospital another twice. (I know that's not grammatical, but I don't care.) It was just the outpatient part of the hospital, but still. Also, the second time I got a bracelet with my name on it. I'm still not sure why, considering nobody ever scanned it or anything and I left 45 minutes later.

Anyway, I'm doing okay now but prayers for my vague medical-related intentions would be appreciated.

--- 2 ---

My friend Grace is coming today! I hope she doesn't mind that the apartment is really messy and I haven't vacuumed in forever. (At least I have a good excuse this time, though honestly? My apartment is always messy and inhabited primarily by dust bunnies.) I can always distract her with chocolate, since I did succeed in going grocery shopping yesterday.

--- 3 ---

We visited Scott's family briefly the other evening and ended up taking home a bin of books that they found in the basement. (The bin is labeled "Scott's books," which is why they belong to us now.) It's mostly classics--for instance, now we have second copies of Don Quixote and Gulliver's Travels, and first copies of Les Miserables and The Count of Monte Cristo, both of which have been on my vague to-read list for a while. (I had to take a break from thick books for a while after college, but I think I might be able to tackle one or two now that it's been nearly two years since graduation.) (Two years!)

Now we just need to actually assemble the bookcase we bought back in January.

--- 4 ---

I also got to see my mother and siblings this week (Andrea had a follow-up appointment with the neurosurgeon). At one point, Teresa was being a little rough with Matthew and I gave her a scolding about "gentle touch!" Matthew heard this and automatically reached over and started gently stroking Teresa on the arm. He's heard the gentle touch lecture before. :)

(Teresa gave him a hug and kiss to prove that she knows how to do gentle touch too.)

--- 5 ---

At 17 months, Matthew doesn't use many words at all (at least not in front of me), but he sure can communicate. For example, when I asked if he could say "Andrea" he didn't say anything, but he did point to her. Then he pointed to me and asked "Whazat?" I told him my name is Megan. A good hour later, Mom mentioned me by name and Matthew pointed to me. I was very surprised that he remembered.

"Whazat?" is his favorite word; it can be a question but most of the time it seems to mean, "Hey, look at the cool thing!" (He spent half the visit pointing to the ceiling fan and saying "Whazat!")

He also knows the sign for "more" (which in Matthew-ese means "I'm hungry") and does a modified version of "milk" (which means that he's tired and wants to take a nap--with a bottle of milk, of course).

Apparently his receptive language is also very good, but my only experience of that was with the "gentle touch" story above.

--- 6 ---

Pinterest recipe of the week: Garlic-Lemon Pork Chops. We pretty much followed the directions for these and they turned out awesome. Also, they're not as hard to make as they might seem when you first read the recipe. Scott made them with very minimal help and direction from me, because I was feeling particularly unwell the night that they came up on the menu. (That maybe should have been a sign to ditch the plan and make something easier, but we didn't and it turned out fine.)

Here is a picture! Scott is, of course, responsible for the aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

--- 7 ---

I planted peas again this year, like a month ago, which was apparently too early because of the 60-ish that I planted, only three came up. Here they are:

We'll see if I can keep them alive any better than I did last year.

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Becky D. said...

I will need to try your recipe. I've been blah about pork lately mostly because the same old recipe hasn't interested me. Did you use fresh chives? Just wondering.

The Sojourner said...

Nope, we used the dried kind. Also, I used the little container of pre-diced garlic that you can get at Aldi rather than fresh garlic cloves.

So I guess we kind of didn't follow all the directions.

Becky D. said...

I still have a ton of dried chives is why I'm asking. For some reason once upon a time I bought a warehouse size container of them.

Melanie Bettinelli said...

Hey, I actually get to post a comment. I keep reading your blog on my phone and blogger doesn't very easy to comment from a phone, so I usually just think my comments really hard at you and then forget to come back later to type them up.

1. Every time I go to the hospital I get a band with my name on it. Even if I'm just getting a shot or having an ultrasound. I've always surmised that it's so if I should collapse while there they know who I am and can access my medical records. In other words, it's a standard operating procedure meant to keep the lawyers happy.

3. I announced earlier this year that I was going to read Les Miserables. I haven't actually got past the third page, but maybe if you wanted to join me I might pick it up again.

6. I might need to try those. I'm ambivalent about pork chops, but Dom loves them. And right now his current favorite recipe involves cooking them on the stovetop in such a way that creates a whole lot of smoke and sets off the fire alarms and my asthma. So I'm looking for something different to do. And I do like lemon.

7. I haven't planted anything yet, but it's still April so I told myself that I'd do most of it in May. All the seeds I got for the kids say to plant after danger of frost, which I think isn't supposed to be till May anyway. Bah, short growing season!

The Sojourner said...

I am not yet telepathic, so I can't get comments that you only think at me. :)

I have several books out from the library/on reserve at the moment, including "Introduction to the Devout Life." I should probably read that before I start Les Mis so my poor neglected blog patron doesn't feel TOO neglected.

When I got married I only had 1 pork chop recipe, but then it turned out I could buy pork loin for 1.77 or 1.87 a pound, so I am motivated to expand my selections there. I think I'm up to four now. (And probably two others that Scott likes and I don't.) I really should make a "Recipes" page so I can link to all my recipes in one place.

Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

For the record: It's pronounced either "Ish deeah!" or "Huh-sat!" depending on how much umph (it's an umph huh, not an Oz huh) you feel like putting into it.