Saturday, May 4, 2013

Seven Quick Procrastinating Takes

--- 1 ---

Grace's visit was nice. It was too short, made more so by the fact that I slept a lot, but she allegedly enjoyed helping out with the dishes and cooking all weekend. I entertained her while she did my chores for me, promise.

--- 2 ---

On Wednesday, my father-in-law had surgery for the herniated disks in his neck. It apparently went well and he came home yesterday, so now it's just a matter of praying that the surgery actually resolved the pain and nerve issues he's been having so he can go back to work and live his life and all that.

--- 3 ---

Now it's Saturday morning and I am seriously considering ice cream for breakfast. I've been behind on the whole making-things-for-breakfast-ahead-of-time thing.


Ice cream is delicious for breakfast. Now to make something else before the sugar crash kicks in...

--- 4 ---

Scott has been amazingly helpful around the house this week. On Wednesday, the only effort I made towards dinner was getting chicken down from the freezer at about 10 a.m. Scott ended up being left the decidedly messy task of cutting the chicken into pieces and dipping it in egg and bread crumbs in order to make chicken nuggets. He did an amazing job, though, see?

On Thursday he vacuumed about half the apartment, which was good because I'm pretty sure the dust bunnies were about to become sentient and stage a hostile takeover. I said I would mop the kitchen floor since he vacuumed it, but I haven't done that yet.

--- 5 ---

On Thursday night, Teresa apparently was lying awake past her bedtime telling Mom how she needed to practice calling me on the phone. She figured that if anything ever happened to Mom and Dad, it'd be too far to walk to come get me, and she and Andrea can't take care of Matthew for very long by themselves.

I'm not sure if that's adorable or heartbreaking or both. She's an impulsive little thing most of the time but then she comes out with stuff like this that makes you realize she's mulling over Very Serious Thoughts.

--- 6 ---

So we talked for 40 minutes on Friday afternoon, and that definitely skewed more towards the "adorable."

At one point, Teresa was expressing her wish that I would live in the same house as her again. She said that we could share a room, with a blue bed and a purple bed, and we would each get half, but she'd get the bigger half.

I asked, "Where would Scott sleep?"

Teresa replied, "With me. ... As long as he doesn't snore."

Later in the conversation  she was discussing my family's actual planned trip out of state later this summer. During that trip we're all going to share a condo, and Teresa has apparently been thinking over the bedroom arrangements. She declared that I was going to sleep with her.

I said, "Scott might get lonely if I don't sleep with him."

Teresa said that all three of us could sleep in one bed together, if it was big enough. Then she thought of a backup plan in case that didn't pan out: "If Scott gets lonely, I'll give him one of my stuffed animals to sleep with."

--- 7 ---

I haven't succeeded in killing my pea plants. Exhibit A:

Shrimpy in the front there has managed to grow past the sides of the milk jug, and meanwhile the other two are trying to climb up each other since I'm a bad peakeeper and haven't given them a trellis or anything. Though there's nothing stopping them from climbing up the balcony railing.

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