Friday, May 17, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Gangsters and Desserts

--- 1 ---

Today is my half-birthday. Is twenty-three and a half too old to care about such things?

(I don't, like, have a party or anything; I just go around all day with a nice half-birthday glow.)

--- 2 ---

I didn't post last week because my internet was dead again. Scott looked at it and thinks it's just the hardware breaking down. It magically fixed itself on Wednesday, so I didn't bother finding the ethernet cable and plugging yet another wire into my computer. I'm starting to really, really think that this 6-year-old laptop has just plain outlived its useful life. Anybody want to send me $500 so I can buy a new one and keep writing scintillating blog posts?

(That was a joke. Please don't send money.)

--- 3 ---

Conversations with my husband:

"I like it when your mustache is short. It makes you look like a gangster or something."

"You want me to look like a gangster?"

"Yeah. If you wear a suit and a fedora..."

"Oh, that kind of gangster."

"Yeah. Did you think I meant the kind with the droopy pants and the backwards hats?"

--- 4 ---

I got ice cream sandwiches for our dessert-of-the-week. They are as awesome as I thought they would be.

(Of course, posting this after #2 makes me think that if I cut dessert out of my grocery budget I could probably afford a new computer eventually. But not really. That'd take like 4 or 5 years of dessert money.)

--- 5 ---

Scott and I went to visit my family on Mother's Day weekend. (As far as I can remember, we last visited them for Matthew's baptism in January, though Scott claims he remembers another visit in March or something.)

We drove up on Friday night, which was nice. (During the winter we drove up on Saturday morning because that's just a little too much driving in the dark for me and the weather's usually bad anyway.) On Saturday I went to Teresa's soccer practice (she's actually pretty good). My mother and Andrea were at a different event about 40 miles away which was coincidentally across the street from a Krispy Kreme, so Mom picked up a dozen of those on her way home. Those used to be our traditional Mother's Day treat but when we moved to the middle of nowhere there wasn't a Krispy Kreme around anymore.

(There actually isn't a Krispy Kreme here in the big city either. The one my mother went to is the closest, and it's something like 35 miles away from my apartment. Booooo, Krispy Kreme! Get some more Ohio locations!)

Then we went out to Ruby Tuesday's and had the BEST STEAK EVER and both children behaved themselves excellently.

On Sunday we went to church and Matthew flooded his diaper while sitting on Mom's lap and Teresa had used up her hour of good behavior for the week at the restaurant so she and Mom spent the last half of Mass in the parking lot. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! ;)

Also, I saw the lovely and brilliant Emily for about 2 minutes after Mass, since she was visiting her own mother. I reminded her that she needs to come visit me now that she's done with grad-school finals. (She still has like two jobs, though, so maybe I should cut her slack for a few more weeks.)

--- 6 ---

Cute Teresa story:

On the way back from soccer practice, she was telling one of those interminable stories with no real point or logical progression. (She's six; little kids do that.) I did notice, though, when she was saying something about getting a basket of candy and sharing it with Scott, except the grape candy, because Scott can't eat grapes.

I told her that was good remembering, and she started listing all the things Scott can't eat. (I caught "grapes" and "pizza"; I'm not sure what else she said.)

It occurs to me that this sort of thing might have been on her mind because she's been on a dye- and additive-free diet for the past several months. She probably likes the fact that she knows somebody else who can't just eat whatever they want.

(She got some Krispy Kremes anyway. Maybe that's why she was crazy at Mass.)

Teresa in her soccer uniform wearing a Krispy Kreme hat.
Cute Matthew story:

If you say the words "handsome boy" in his general vicinity, he will pat himself on the head. (I discovered this by accident while getting him dressed on Saturday morning.)

I entertained myself pretty much the entire weekend by periodically asking him "Who's a handsome boy?" ("That's right, YOU ARE!")

Matthew in a Krispy Kreme hat. I love his smile in this.

Bonus: A few weeks old from Facebook. Dad points out that 17 months ago this kid was wearing preemie diapers with the top folded down and now he's riding the penny pony at Meijer.

--- 7 ---

I can't find my camera, so you're spared pea plant pictures for now. They're looking a little droopy, but turns out that's because they had nasty little red bugs all over them. I wiped down their poor little leaves to remove as many as I could and will be purchasing a spray bottle for further bug-fighting as soon as I can.

(Google suggests the nasty little bugs were spider mites, but I think they were too big for spider mites...more the size of sesame seeds than grains of pepper. Any ideas?)

(Also, I washed my hands twice after I was done and shook out my clothes. I don't want to get bitten any more than my plants do.)

(Okay, Google further tells me that bugs that feed on plants are constitutionally incapable of feeding on humans. Good to know.)

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