Friday, June 14, 2013

Seven Quick Baby Takes

--- 1 ---

First off, this is the Tadpole. I might be a little bit biased, but I think you will nonetheless agree that my baby has the cunningest little elbow you've ever seen.

(This picture is from last Friday, but I had to send it around to the grandparents and give them first shot at admiring said cunning little elbow. You understand.) 

--- 2 ---

I decided that the baby needed a nom de blog for a couple of reasons. First, Scott is not sure whether he's comfortable with having both the baby's real name and its likeness on the internet, and I'm pretty sure you'd rather have baby pictures, come December. So I gave Baby a preemptive pseudonym. Second, this way I have options besides "the baby" and "it." Wouldn't want to seem impersonal, would I?

I picked Tadpole specifically for a couple of reasons. First off, that's what Tad looked like at the first ultrasound I had. (Long story, and I'm not going to tell it right now--let's just say nobody has an ultrasound at 6 weeks for funsies.) Second, froggies make a cute gender-neutral nursery theme.

(Thanks, Mom, for revealing my "looking at baby stuff before the first trimester is out" secret. We don't speak of such things where the fates might hear us, okay?)

--- 3 ---

Despite the fact that Tad is a boy's name, I've been getting much more of a girl feeling from this baby. Of course, back in March I had a strong feeling that it just wasn't our month, and lo! Two pink lines on March 31! (I'll tell you that story sometime too.) My womanly intuition might be a bit unreliable.

(My sister Teresa doesn't bother with womanly intuition. She just declared, emphatically, that this baby was going to be a girl. End of story. We'll see how that works out for her...)

I won't be sad to be proven wrong, but I figured I might as well officially log my guess, so I can be smug if I turn out to be right.

--- 4 ---

Conversations with my husband:

"I was going to say, 'You got to see your baby for the first time today!' And then I thought, no, you got to see a representation of your baby produced by sound waves. And then I thought, well, when you see your baby after it's born, you'll really be seeing a representation of your baby produced by your brain using light waves bouncing off...stuff."


"And then I thought, 'What is seeing, anyway?' and now my brain is all contorted."


"I was going to fix your hair for you, if you hadn't just done it. I like invading your personal space. Do you even have personal space, now that we're one flesh and all that?"

"I'm pretty sure I still have personal space. And our 'one flesh' is the size of various fruits."

--- 5 ---

My main pregnancy symptom during the first trimester was being TIRED. SO TIRED. I seriously felt like I only got up to eat and use the bathroom (not at the same time) for a while, though I have hazy memories of doing other things as well.

Well, now I'm all second-trimestery and have a more-or-less normal amount of energy...and I can't do anything with it. If I'm on my feet for more than an hour or so at a time, I start getting crazy round ligament pain, and if I ignore that (or have to ignore it because there's no place to sit down), my abdominal muscles ache for days afterwards, as if I did an intense workout (because I know what an intense abdominal workout feels like...). I keep trying to convince my muscles and ligaments that they're holding something that weighs considerably less than your average bar of soap, so they should stop complaining about the extra effort they're putting in. They never listen to me, though.

I'm guessing that it's so bad partly because this is my first pregnancy (all of you ladies who are on baby number 2 or 3 or 6 have things conveniently pre-stretched) and partly because I never exercise, and especially never exercise my abdominal muscles. Can't do a sit-up to save my life. You'd think this would mean my muscles would be loose and floppy and they'd just give way before my growing uterus, but turns out that lack of exercise means that they're not used to being stretched at all.

--- 6 ---

I did have some nausea and food aversions from about Week 6 to Week 10, but my pregnancy-induced vomiting count remains at 0, so I'm going to count myself lucky. (It is awkward and frustrating, though, when smelling food while it cooks causes you to be so nauseated that you cannot bring yourself to eat the food once it's done cooking. Scott made a lot of meals for a while there, while I hid out of smell-range.)

Between 3 weeks pregnant (when I didn't know I was pregnant yet and had a doctor's appointment for an unrelated reason) and 9 weeks, my weight stayed pretty much exactly the same. I figured that once the food aversion issue went away, I'd start gaining weight. So imagine my surprise when I showed up for my second appointment at 13 weeks and change and found I had lost three pounds. (I don't own a scale, so I rely on doctors to tell me how fat I am. For the record, I'm 5'7" and went from 183 to 180. I'm not in danger of wasting away and depriving my baby of sustenance.)

It's not a worrisome amount of weight loss, but I'd still like to prevent it from becoming a trend. Especially since this is the one time in my life when I won't get told to lose a few pounds by every medical professional I encounter. Might as well take advantage of the "gain 20-30 pounds free" card. (When I brought up the subject of weight gain, my OB said he thinks I should gain 30 pounds, because I'm only "a little overweight." I think he knows which side his bread is buttered on and isn't going to risk offending a woman with weight lectures.)

Anyway, I went to Dr. Google, who said that in order to maintain my current weight I should be eating 2000-2200 calories per day. (Yes, I put "sedentary" as my lifestyle.) Add 300 calories per day for my hungry little tenant, and that comes to about 2400 per day.

So, starting on Tuesday, I instituted a system of eight (!) small meals per day. By "small meals" I mean about 300 calories apiece, so I come to 2400-ish at the end of the day without getting too full at any one time.

It seems to work okay (I don't constantly swing from "so hungry I'm going to chew my own arm off" and "sick from overfullness" anymore), but man is it HARD to eat that much food. I love food, so I definitely wasn't expecting to ever come to a time in my life when I would complain about having to get up and EAT SOMETHING, UGH, DIDN'T I JUST EAT TWO HOURS AGO?

(Watching TV in the evenings helps, because I always want to snack when I watch TV. But we're all out of Firefly episodes now. Need more TV-on-DVDs.)

I will report back after my next appointment. Hopefully that update will not be as long as this one. ("Quick" takes, they call them. Ha ha ha.)

--- 7 ---

I found out yesterday afternoon that in between May 28 and June 12, my serum progesterone level shot up from 28 to 47 ng/mL. Which means that now I am instructed to have NO INJECTIONS for two weeks. (And if my bloodwork looks good on the 26th, NO MORE INJECTIONS EVER. Or at least no more until I get pregnant again and my ovaries act like they have no idea what's going on.)

On the one hand, YAY! FORTY-SEVEN! On the other hand, I've been on some form of progesterone supplementation for the last 10 1/2 weeks, and I'd gotten used to the feeling of doing something that comes from offering oneself up as a pincushion. So y'all can feel free to say a prayer or two for things anyway, even though Tad and I seem to be out of the woods in this regard.

(It doesn't help that I've been having a flare-up of my anxiety issues lately. Probably because my brain doesn't handle major hormonal shifts well.)

On a related note, I'm pretty sure Tad's placenta has some kind of plan for world domination. It's a good thing it's going to be about a year too late for the Mayan apocalypse.

BONUS TAKE: It's my mother's birthday today. I forgot to get her a card. In about two years I will be able to get around this by having the baby scribble on a piece of paper and calling it a card, but for now I must feel vaguely guilty about my inability to remember birthdays and holidays while I'm at the store. Happy birthday, Mom!

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GeekLady said...

Oh, I'm glad your injections may be done with! I hated them so much, and I had to keep going until about 22 weeks when my rear got tired of being a pin cushion.

I was all scared of having a boy, the first time. Then I found out little boys are the best and got scared of having a girl instead. Then I had a second boy that was supposed to be a girl and was unaccountably disappointed. And not disappointed at the same time. It's all weird, having babies.

The Sojourner said...

I'm especially glad I probably won't have to deal with compounding pharmacies again. THAT is a story I will definitely tell here, once I can do it without excessive capital letters.

I think I would be a little sad if I ended up having six boys in a row like my mother-in-law. I love little boys (more so because they are often unjustly maligned), but girls are nice too. Basically I'm greedy and want it all. :)

Becky D. said...

If the baby is a girl which is my vote as well you will give her a different blog name than tad or tadpole right? Bonus Take- You should at least Skype me and say Happy Birthday directly.

DavidD said...

" 'I was going to say, "You got to see your baby for the first time today!" And then I thought, no, you got to see a representation of your baby produced by sound waves. And then I thought, well, when you see your baby after it's born, you'll really be seeing a representation of your baby produced by your brain using light waves bouncing off...stuff.' "

That's so meta.

What he actually saw was a representation of a representation of a baby produced by his brain using light waves bouncing off a representation of his baby produced by sound waves.

The Sojourner said...


jen said...

My son was the "sea monkey" after the quote from "Saved!"

Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

Tadpole? Didn't I tell you I've designated it W.I. Series II Mark I? (W.I. Series I Model P~W can have Series II Prime if she wants. We got here first, we get the one without marks that most people mistake for apostrophes.)

Also, you left out the context behind the fruit line.

The Sojourner said...

jen -- I've never heard of that (is it a movie?), but then again, I didn't understand what my husband was getting at in his comment until he explained it to me. :)

Melanie Bettinelli said...

It is indeed a very cunning little elbow.